Minka Kelly and the Butt Slap Heard 'Round the Set

Everyone should know it’s wrong to spank an angel… at work, anyway.

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Minka Kelly is one of the stars of the Charlie’s Angels reboot, and the angel the majority of viewers would prefer to be rescued by.  Word on the street is Kelly recently had a run-in with sexual harassment - and a $100 bill.

Apparently, someone on the Charlie’s Angels set popped Kelly on the tush and proceeded to brandish a Benjamin in her direction. Clearly, the accosted actress took offense, and who could blame her?!

Charlies-Angels-Reboot.jpgWhen the doofus who thought treating the starlet like a stripper was a good idea tried to apologize the next day, accounts differ as to her reaction. Some sources say she slapped the offender across the face, while others say she calmly but firmly told him he should never disrespect another woman in that way again. 

Whatever her response, the bum-slapper found himself out on his ass shortly thereafter, having been suspended and subsequently fired by ABC.

Sexual harassment in the workplace - from inappropriate language to unwanted physical interaction - is something most women have to deal with at some point, as a small part of the male population seems unable to keep their hands to themselves and their mouths shut. Of course, the male persuasion doesn’t have a monopoly on stupidity, as some men also have to figure out how to handle unsolicited advances, which can be oh-so-awkward in the office.

Since the subject is a touchy one, here are a few quick pointers to consider if you’re fielding less-than-appropriate interactions with a coworker:

Don’t laugh it off or pretend it’s not happening. Some things are harmless or rare enough in occurrence that they’re easy to ignore. But if recurring situations make you uncomfortable, have the backbone to tell your personal perv to cut it out.


If talking doesn’t do the trick, take the conversation to HR. It can feel horribly awkward bringing a third party into the situation, particularly one with power over your admirer’s career, but sometimes when you’re not big enough to fight the bully, so to speak, you need to bring in bigger guns. Even if you don’t have to file a full-on report, they might be able to speak with the person in question in hopes of curbing the creepiness.

Don’t feel guilty if the creeper gets fired for creeping. It’s not your fault they lost their job - it’s important to be able to bite your tongue and know what’s appropriate in certain circles. If they never learned that, then a firing will give them a really swift lesson. Regardless, that’s their problem, not yours.

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