Our Favorite (Natural) Bosoms Of Hollywood [Photo Gallery]

Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow, here are some of the finest...

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Is it strange for a woman to be picking the best natural breasts in Hollywood? Absolutely not, in fact, I'd like to make a case for exactly why women are better judges of such matters of import. 

1. Women Actually Have Breasts -- This makes us automatically an expert on the bounteous beauties of bounce. We've been dreaming of, wishing for, studying and comparing them since the early days of puberty; we know a good pair when we see them.

2. Women Are More Objective - Since we aren't looking at them with the same sexual inclinations as men (unless we are) women are inherently more, shall we say, objective when it comes to judging a lady's, ahem, assets.

3. Women Are Harsher Critics - Just as the above indicates our ability to be objective, our tendency to size up the competition gives us ladies a more discerning eye when staring down the headlights in our view.

So, now that I've put those matters to bed, let's get on with the boobies.  Click on the gallery to see our picks, vote in our poll, or leave your own vote in the comments.  Because who doesn't like talking about boobies!!  Also, check out our previous post, "Caution, Curves Ahead."

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View gallery: Hollywood's "Breast In Class"

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