Ryan Gosling and Kate Winslet: Putting Some Humanity Back into Celebrity

Wow, finally some celebrity news I don't have to get bitchy about.

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Celebs are larger than life — sweet cars, crazy entourages, big houses, and even bigger paychecks. Some of them really let this go to their perfectly coiffed heads… take Jennifer Lopez, for instance. According to sources on the set of her new movie, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, JLo refuses to interact with anyone directly, and will instead only speak through one of her assistants. Oh yes, I’m serious.

But the really neat thing is that there are some celebs who actually still act like normal human beings from time to time, taking a second to do something they’re not being paid to do. Take Ryan Gosling, for instance.

This past weekend in NYC, someone allegedly applied a five-finger discount to a street vendor’s painting. As you can see in the video below, a fist fight ensues. This being New York, everyone continues to walk on by, only mildly interested in the budding brawl happening (literally) in the street. Everyone, that is, except one movie star with a practical streak.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen — it was neither a bird nor a plane. It was a blue-and-white-striped tank top-clad Ryan Gosling. The actor of The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love fame popped in out of nowhere, helped separate the two unhappy campers, and escorted them both back onto the sidewalk to sort things out. And he didn’t even need a red cape—I’m impressed.

(I'm less impressed by the girl who took this video. Mute the vid if you want to skip her really annoying commentary.)

But Ryan’s not the only one who was getting his everyday hero on. Also over the weekend, Kate Winslet was among a large group of people spending some time with Sir Richard Branson at his Caribbean home. Unfortunately, a fire broke out in the compound early Monday morning, sending everyone running for safety. The only person who couldn’t make a run for it was Branson’s 90-year-old mother, who was also staying with her son.

richard bransons house.jpgThey thought all was lost until… Great Hera! Who should appear but the shipwreck-surviving, memory-losing, chick-flick-starring Wonder Woman we know as Kate Winslet. Instead of simply hauling her pretty self out of Dodge, she took the time to help haul Branson’s mom out of the house and they headed for the hills together. Now all she needs are some big gold bracelets and a magic lasso…

In our 20s, we all aspire to fame and fortune, to becoming larger than life in our own way, and that’s wonderful because aspirations and dreams drive us to continue growing and changing. But along the way to whatever greatness, big or small, we pursue, it’s important not to get too caught up in the “me, me, me” of it all.

Don’t get a divatude (or a head) so gigantic that you stop reaching out to others. Help someone pick up a dropped stack of papers. Stop a fight before it gets serious. Hold the door for an intern balancing three trays of coffee. You never know what little action — away from the boardroom or off-screen — might make you someone’s super hero.

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