Shia LaBeouf, the Raging Drunk, Needs an Intervention

Shia needs to take a long hard look at himself in the mirror.

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It's hard to believe that Shia LaBeouf was once a shining jewel in the Disney crown. As the star of Even Stevens he seemed like the kind of lovable, wholesome goof you wouldn't mind your daughter dating or your son hanging out with. Sadly, Hollywood + success have a way of changing things for the worse.

Shia is no stranger to trouble and freely admits to having a drinking problem, but he seems no closer to dealing with it than at any other time when he's found himself face down in the gutter. His excuse is to blame his childhood and growing up with parents who were, to put it mildly, "unconventional."  I.e. -- his mom was a hippie and his dad was a heroin addict.

This latest incident is just one in a string of drunk tales with Shia in the lead role. First there was the Walgreens incident, then the DUI and subsequent accident, and now we have Shia in Vancouver acting as the punching bag.

Of course, TMZ has video -- because if a celebrity takes a dump or acts like an idiot, TMZ is there!

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I have had the displeasure of knowing and being around a few drunks in my life, and the one thing which remains consistent with folks who drink too much is they have NO off switch.  They don't know their own limit, they can't say no to that next drink and aren't happy until they've gone completely and utterly over the edge. They are called alcoholics and their behavior towards alcohol is what defines them as such. 

There's a difference between the occasional drinker who gets ahead of themselves and finds themselves having too much and truly regrets it. These folks think: "Wow, that was stupid,"  and know how to self-correct. 

Then there's the drinkers who know their limit beforehand and have a plan and stick to it.  These people rarely have an issue with alcohol and more likely than not, don't enjoy the experience of being too drunk and out of control.

Then, there's the Shias of the world. A true bonafide alcoholic. I don't have to have a degree in psychology or addiction to recognize the pattern. Just watch the video above, Shia can't even be reasoned with. He's shut down that part of his brain and has turned on the "drunk" Shia. Who in this case, is a raging asshole.

Don't waste your time reasoning with a raging drunk, they can't hear you.

Certainly we've all encountered this type of drunk before. He or she is the one who says stupid things to the wrong person. They're the ones who get kicked out bars, beaten up, arrested and sometimes worse, they aren't having fun, they are just in their drunk zone. Remorseless, drunk zombies who act on sheer impulse, incapable of understanding or caring about the consequences of their actions. These people are a danger to themselves and the world around them.

Shia embodies this and when you throw in the Hollywood mentality of self-entitlement, and surround them with handlers and yes-people who clean up their mess, then you have real monster on your hand.

It's just a matter of time before Shia completely self-destructs.  Were he not a famous actor, he'd be just another moron sleeping it off in the drunk tank.  If anyone truly cares about this guy, they'd better stop kissing his ass and get him the help he needs.

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