Uncle Terry Richardson: Skeeving Us Out One Celebrity Photobomb at a Time

One of these people do NOT belong.

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You might not have heard of Terry Richardson, in which case, don't feel bad. However, chances are, you've seen his work. He's a celeb and fashion photographer and his work is all over, and he client list reads like a who's who of Hollywood.

Problem is, he looks like that creepy uncle we all seem to have: the one mom and dad refused to leave you alone with because, you know, there have been "incidents."  And oddly enough, he's known in the industry as "Uncle Terry" and has a reputation for being a creepy perv in real life.

Uncle Terry with Amy Poehler, doesn't she look thrilled?

The above story illustrates how an amoral person with industry clout can take full advantage of his position, and a young girl's naivete, to indulge his most perverse desires. Is it illegal? It seems not, but it's also not right.  I remember reading that story when it first came out, did a little digging and just found myself wondering how it is that Hollywood and the fashion industry condone and/or allow this type of behavior to go on.

Surprise, it's Jon Bon Jovi and Uncle Pervy. Another satisfied customer.

Then I slapped myself for being so STUPID.  Of course Hollywood fosters this type of exploitation from one of its own, this is the lifeblood of Hollywood. It's the classic "gas, grass or ass, nobody rides for free" mentality.  Not if you want to make it to the big time. Food for thought, Terry Richardson is famously quoted as saying this about the industry: "It's not who you know, but who you blow."

Shocking, right?

Problem, is only a very, very small percentage make it to the Big Time, and really, does Uncle Terry care who's yanking his chain? Famous or non-famous, hot girls looking to make "it" are a dime a dozen these days.

Ewww! Really, even the pres?
But what I don't understand is how A-Listers, folks who bank on their reputation, can turn their head the other way and continue to work with this guy.  If a lowly celeb-writer like me is intensely aware of Richardson's dirty deeds done dirt cheap, how do people like Jennifer Aniston, Barack Obama (he's the President), Robert Downey, Jr., chick-libber Amy Pohler (and the list goes on) stomach having their picture taken with him.

Uncle Terry and Lindsay Lohan... actually this one makes sense!

I've decided that Uncle Terry is just a glorified celeb photobomber. His work isn't nearly as groundbreaking as he'd like to think. You give any decent photographer an expensive camera and access to the rich and famous, and voile! you have yourself the next big thing. 

Terry's just really good at getting young girls naked.  So how is he any different from this guy?

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