As David Cameron Addresses the UN We Hear What the British Prime Minister Is Really Like

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I have just watched David Cameron addressing the United Nations as it was televised live in the UK. What a cracking speech it was - full of passion and commitment. And what a shame so many delegates had already left the chamber, in protest at Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s earlier comments.

Perhaps in awe of such an assembly, Cameron occasionally stumbled over his words - very unusual for one who normally exudes confidence. I have met him briefly a couple of times and can tell you he is extraordinarily buoyant and absolutely zings with energy.

David Cameron at UN.jpgClose up, he looks very youthful, with smooth, unlined skin and dark, thick hair. I have a cutting of an article about him in Tatler when he was 30 and the magazine then forecast his future: "In 20 years; Prime Minister". Well, he made it long before that. He is 45 next month but he has scarcely aged since that Tatler profile.

Yet, this is a man who lost his much loved elder son, Ivan (who was severely handicapped) two years ago, then lost his father just as he had gained a new daughter, Florence, last year. These are life-changing events, but Cameron’s inner reserves and his close family life have seen him through.David Cameron and Florence.jpg

His political enemies here are forever portraying him as an arrogant ‘toff’. I’ve come across lots of toffs in my work and, although he comes from a wealthy background and went to Eton, he neither speaks nor behaves like a true toff.

I have one little cameo I’d like to share with you: I was once sitting at a table at an event and Cameron came down the stairs with his staff. Rather cheekily, I waved to him, and to my surpise -- as he didn’t know who I was -- he smiled broadly and waved back. That’s not something  a toff would do, nor I suspect would the previous Prime Ministers, Gordon Brown or Tony Blair.

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