Celebrities: Who's Nice and Who's Nasty, Part Two

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Keira Knightley

So many people who have read my previous article on this subject and told me of omissions on both sides, that I thought it worth a follow-up piece.

I have since gathered that one of top ‘nice’ people in showbiz is the musician Seal, husband of model Heidi Klum. He has a very good reputation as an intelligent and thoughtful interviewee, and in studios for trying to thank all the crew for their input. He has manners that would put some royals to shame.


Singer/songwriter Lionel Ritchie also gets high marks for being another really intelligent interviewee and is also well-mannered. (Nicole, you really should follow Daddy’s example.)

Knowing young people who have contacts in the London network can be useful, especially when I’m told that despite all her success, fame has not gone to this young actress’s head and she remains a normal, grounded girl. Who can this be? Step forward, Keira Knightley. Unusual for a profession almost crammed with foot-stamping brats and divas.

A TMR reader wrote in to say; “My daughter and I did some extra work many years ago and this is what we saw (just the memorable 2 extremes): Genuine & Great! - Alfre Woodard and Chris O'Donnell. Snarky Banty Rooster: Martin Short.” On this side of the Pond, I’ve heard of O’Donnell and Short , but not the others, so I’ll take the reader’s word on them.

Another wrote in: “I betcha Jamie Lee Curtis is genuinely nice.” Probably, and I’ve never heard anything bad about her. She is connected to English aristocracy via her husband Christopher, who is in fact the 5th Baron Haden-Guest, and believe me, any misdemeanours would have filtered through to the ever-watchful society commentators.


The best of those was the late Nigel Dempster, whose Daily Mail diary was compulsory reading in the days before Internet gossip. He once wrote a book, Dempster’s People, explaining how the old gossip system worked.

Now, we are still having fun with injunctions. Last week, Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, known for fast talking and even faster driving, dropped an injunction, when the story was breached on the Internet. He had tried to prevent his first wife from claiming in a book that she and he had an affair after he married the second wife.


He admitted that injunctions are "pointless" and "incredibly expensive to maintain" - which is largely the point I made in my article on the Leveson Inquiry.

Surprisingly, there is another showbiz character here still battling on with an injunction. Just about all the diaries have poked fun at this person so often that there can hardly be anyone left in the country who doesn’t know who it is, except just possibly the spouse!

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