Holy Clinger, Batman! Justin Bieber Takes His Love of Selena Gomez To A New High

Don’t they look more like the kids’ siblings than like their parents?! Ack!

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Men sometimes have a hard time showing emotion. It’s occasionally tough for them to make a woman feel needed and sometimes even secure that she’s loved.

Well, Justin Bieber may have just as difficult a time with the phrase “let’s talk about it” as any other man, but a picture is worth a - or in this case, several - thousand words. That is, if you can get past your speechlessness first...

It would seem that Justin’s got an eye fixed pretty seriously on the future, as the 18-year-old pop star recently posted the above picture on his Instagram account, captioning it, “Brangelina 2.0 hahahahahaha.”

This picture is so strange, but it’s kind of like a car wreck… cannot… look… away… I mean, didn’t Kate Hudson pull a stunt like this on Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days with the express purpose of freaking him out?

Selena-Gomez-Justin-Bieber-Kiss-Hawaii-Vacation-Photos-1.jpgAs a female in a relationship, I like to feel needed by my man. Not like I’m his “reason for living” or anything, ‘cause that’s a little heavy, but just like I’m a necessary part of his life.

But two things:

As little (and maybe not-so-little) girls, we fantasize about “marrying” our crushes.

As big girls, we can get pretty freaked out when men start going “Stage 5 clinger” on us.

Up to now, the Biebster has seemed like an affectionate, if slightly handsy, boyfriend, but posting a very public Photoshopped picture of him with his equally young girlfriend and a mountain of children is definitely approaching clinger status.

Now, perhaps we can chalk this up to the drama of young love… perhaps we can conclude that boys who look like cute lesbians have an almost effeminate ability to share… or perhaps we can just look at the strange shot and be about as creeped out by it as we were by that bronze nude sculpture of the pop couple (my eyes still haven’t recovered from that one).

What do you think? If your S.O. posted a Photoshopped married-with-kids shot of you on, say, his Facebook, how would you react?

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