Michele “Mighty Mouth” Bachmann: Hurricane Irene Was A ‘Sign from God’... Really?!

You know what they say about too much Tea (Party)… gives you (verbal) diarrhea.

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Michele Bachmann has done it again, but this time, she hasn’t just tiptoed over the line by confusing serial killers and American heroes, or by making us think her husband would be the REAL prez if she were elected. No, no. This time, she’s turned her podium into a rather offensive pulpit.

At a recent speaking engagement in Florida, she said, "I don't know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We've had an earthquake; we've had a hurricane. He said, 'Are you going to start listening to me here?'"

Despite her spokeswoman maintaining that Michele’s comments were only “in jest,” I can’t help but be reminded of the cadre of supposedly religious public figureheads who asserted that Hurricane Katrina -- now termed the greatest natural disaster in American history -- was God’s retribution for everything from abortion to America’s position on Israel’s occupation of the Gaza strip to the level of “gayness” in Louisiana.

Ha ha, Michele. Hilarious. I wonder if her musings about lowering the minimum wage were also just for grins…?

Anyway, the campaigning process is like a giant interview for perhaps the biggest job in the world. And one of the things we learn right out of college is that, when we apply for a job, we need to tweak our resumes, cover letters, and talking points, customizing them to the position at hand to show recruiters and HR reps why we’re the best fit. The worst thing you can do is just spew your history in the same way to every person.

What concerns me is that the Michele we’re seeing appears to be approaching this bass-ackwards by submitting her resume for a job that she doesn’t fit into and is, instead, trying to make the position fit her.

She isn’t a religious leader vying to minister to a new flock - she’s a presidential candidate vying to lead a mainly-secular state. Since election wouldn’t make her queen by divine right, her job wouldn’t be interpreting the desires of an ultra-conservatively Christian conception of God - it would be representing the best interests of a fantastically multifaceted electorate who doesn’t necessarily believe as she does and has no desire to be converted.

If she wants to do well in this election, girlfriend needs to rein in her mouth and start thinking about the American people as a whole, not just the small percentage who might want to attend the same church she does.

After all, when even Perez Hilton is advising you to think before you speak, you’re clearly having issues.

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