New Details on the British Phone Tapping Scandal

A shady world of sleezy private dicks, tabloids and corrupt cops unfolds.

The new British phone tapping allegations involving corrupt police and customs officers, petty criminals and murder suspects who fed information to British newspapers for a price are the most serious to date.

Kate Middleton, Prince Edward, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and the former Prime Minister Tony Blair are all said to have been targets of phone hacking. More seriously, undercover British agents who had infiltrated the IRA were compromised.
These shocking allegations have been revealed thanks to the dogged investigative work of Nick Davies, a writer at The Guardian newspaper. I first worked with him when we were both trainee journalists on the Mirror Group Newspapers in the West Country. Ironically some 30 odd years later, the Mirror Group and News International, publishers of the News of the World, are under intense scrutiny as Nick Davies revealed today......

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