Pippa and Harry: A Hollywood Ending?

Is romance in the cards the spare apparent and the rear of the year?

She calls him Captain as that is his rank in the British Army. He calls her Commando because apparently she did not wear underwear at the wedding of her big sister, Catherine Middleton. Both have recently split with their other halves. They met at a quiet pub in Chelsea last week for a two hour tête-à-tête. Could it be that we are witnessing the beginning of a Hollywood ending - the best man aka Prince Harry and maid of honour aka Pippa Middleton, she of the delectable derriere, becoming a romantic item?

All that remains is the casting for the made for a TV movie - who will play Pippa and who Harry?

The obvious chemistry between Pippa and Harry was certainly the talk of the wedding day. At the time he was involved in an on-off-on-again-now-off romance with law student Chelsy Davy while Pippa has reportedly split from her banker boyfriend Alex Loudon. Harry made his interest clear when he ended his best man speech with the phrase: 'Pippa call me.' Seems she has done so even though she has plenty of other admirers including her boss George Percy, known as the Prince of the North because one day he will inherit Alnwick castle in Northumberland and the Percy fortune.

Of course Pippa's parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, who celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary today - the same day that their son-in-law Prince William turns 29 -- know all about double weddings.

Michael's father, World War II pilot Peter and his older brother Anthony met and eventually married twin sisters, Valerie and Mary Glassborow, daughters of a bank manager who had worked in Marseilles in the south of France. The couples wed on 7 December 1946 and April 1947 respectively. Could history be about to repeat itself?

pippa-middleton-dress.jpgWhatever the future holds for Pippa and Harry, her parents will be amazed at the way they seem to have gained royal favour. Normally royal in-laws very quickly become outlaws. Once the wedding is over they retreat back to their normal routine. Not the Middletons. Not only is Pippa's rear of the year the subject of at least three websites -- paparazzi now specialize in taking the back view of the Duchess of Cambridge's sister -- but Michael and Carole have become part of the royal circle. Not only were they invited by the Queen to Ascot, sitting in a horse drawn landau for Ladies Day, but now it seems the Queen has invited them to spend the weekend at Balmoral. They have been before, as guests of Prince Charles.

Now they have earned the Queen's approval and have an invite to head to the beautiful Scottish retreat sometime in August.

What a year it has been for the Middletons. A future queen and now a possible princess in waiting. What price a knighthood for Mr Middleton?

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