Snooki Shows A Nation of Bad Drivers How It's Really Done

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In another episode of blissful idiocy, reality television's two-foot squared miscreant meatball Snooki is behaving badly again, but this time beyond US borders.

While driving in Florence, Italy on Monday, and surprisingly not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Snooki rear-ended a police escort appointed to accompany her through the city. Police reports state that Snooki sandwiched the Fiat Multipla she was driving between a highway wall and her police escort vehicle, which ultimately sent two officers to hospital with whiplash and minor injuries. It has been suggested that Snooki's diminutive height and resulting inability to see over the dashboard contributed to the accident. It has also been suggested she was holding a slice of pizza in one hand and a can of hairspray in the other.

An MTV production crew member in Snooki's vehicle escaped uninjured but passenger and castmate Deena Cortese had to exit the wreckage from the rear window. There was no need for a Jaws of Life as copious amounts of tanning oil from a prior GTL session permitted Deena to slip from the window effortlessly.

While Italian citizens sat happily in gridlock awaiting to see the American Snooki they assumed would be cute and amiable - how couldn't she be with a name like Snooki? - the Italian Polizia questioned the reality star at the scene, and ultimately revoked her driver's license. The injured police officers have up to 90 days to press charges according to Italian law and the citizens held in gridlock are currently standing in line to file complaints for false advertisement.

Snooki is not the first Jersey Shore member to cause trouble on Italian roads; all together, the cast has accumulated more than 300 Euros worth of traffic tickets since they began filming the fourth season in early May.

It is nice to know the cast of Jersey Shore is displaying, to the Italians, a shining example of American driving skills. I have seen first-hand how people drive in Italy so for Snooki to be doing it wrong, she must really be doing it wrong.

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