The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice: Kathy Wakile was "Whispering Secret Insults" to Me

The housewife tries to explain her bizarre behavior, but comes across sounding even worse.

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Still trying to wrap your head around last night's beachfront battle between Teresa Giudice and Kathy Wakile of The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Don't worry, you're not alone!

Tensions between the cousins and former friends have continued to mount since their explosive argument at the Posche fashion show. And after several awkward run-ins, and a few failed attempts by Kathy to mend their relationship, Teresa still isn't ready to forgive, which was made very clear after watching this....


And this....

Sounding a lot like Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer in season one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Exactly.

But unlike "Insecure-gate," this time, Bravo caught everything on camera. So there's no argument, right? Wrong!

Although we've seen the footage of Kathy and Teresa's daughter at the christening (footage that Teresa says didn't actually take place during the fight), Giudice is still sticking to her guns, arguing that what we all heard as a statement from Wakile about her own situation, was really just an example of classic Kathy.

"It might seem like Kathy's comment to me about detaching from her children was innocent, but believe me, I know my cousin. I've known her a long time," Teresa writes in her Bravo blog. "I get that the Manzos and Lauritas don't know this about her, but I know how she is. She likes to give little subtle digs that hit people where she knows it will hurt them. She plays these little games and then puts on the big innocent eyes to try to make the person she's whispering secret insults to look crazy."

Whispering secret insults?

That explains it! Teresa's obviously either hearing voices, or suffering from some Camille Grammer-grade self-doubt (season one Camille; season two Camille's too much of a bad ass to be "delusional").

Assuming that it's the latter of the two, it looks like the only way this is ever going to end is if Teresa deals with her own (dare I use the word) insecurities, and fast. Otherwise, T may find herself missing out on a lot. With the Gorgas and Wakiles getting closer and closer to the other RHONJ families, it seems as though they're here to stay, whether Teresa and Joe Giudice like it, or not.

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