TMR Exclusive: The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik and Mystery Bachelorette at The Grove

Plus, Sonoma News gets their revenge against the ABC production crew, and it is sweet!

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Our Bachelor spies are at it again!

Thanks to TMR insiders and our friends at Sonoma News, we know that this past weekend, Ben Flajnik and crew hit the Sonoma area to film season 16's first group dates in the bachelor's hometown.

Already, we reported that Ben spent some alone time with a baton-twirling mystery bachelorette, now, TMR has an EXCLUSIVE look at Flajnik and another lucky lady, who filmed a one-on-one date at The Grove in San Francisco.

In addition to their outdoor date (check out the body language — seeing any sparks?), according to @RealitySteve, Ben and the brunette pictured were also spotted riding around on a Vespa.


Sound familiar? Yeah, because he did the same thing with Ashley Hebert on The Bachelorette. You'd think that with all of the production that goes into these shows, they could at least come up with some original ideas for the dates.

And speaking of production...

After getting some heat from the crew of The Bachelor, who weren't too happy with the fact that they were reporting on parts of the show being taped in the middle of a very public area known as Sonoma Plaza, Sonoma News decided to make a little video of what took place that day, giving us a glimpse of a few of the bachelorettes, Ben Flajnik, some pissed off producers, and even playing the message they received from the show's publicist, who managed to issue the sweetest sounding threat we've ever heard.

Thank you, Sonoma News, for your balls of steel!

The Bachelor, featuring Ben Flajnik, premieres Monday, January 2 on ABC.

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