Royal Blind Item: Who Is This "Pendulum Prince"?

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The Royal Husband was already a man of a certain reputation when his naïve bride married him. She wanted to believe the romantic best about a man she adored, and so ignored the society rumours that swirled in more than one country. Although he is still attractive to ladies, some in high places whisper that he is gay, which is unlikely to be 100% true, and he is certainly the father of all his children. Others are convinced that he is a ‘pendulum prince’ — i.e. one who swings both ways, a label attached to more than one royal man.

It wouldn’t matter too much if the Royal Wife had known and accepted his inclinations at the time of their marriage, but apparently she didn’t and the truth came as a great shock. In dynastic style, she put the family line first and buried herself in work.

While the Royal Wife was busy, busy, busy with cutting ribbons and pastimes of her own, the Royal Husband found plenty of me time, down time, and private time with some close friends, prudently away from the attentions of paparazzi. There were a number of crises, but the Royal Wife insisted putting on a public front.

When it came to the children, the Royal Husband was overly strict. The Royal Wife looked the other way, just as she did over his other activities. The result was that the children were emotionally damaged by such harsh discipline. One had rebellious episodes, and although is technically ‘settled’, some fear that situation might not hold forever. Another has had relationship difficulties that have attracted speculative gossip. At the moment, the Royal Wife lets the Royal Husband pretty much do exactly as he likes.

This is not the British Royal Family, although Queen Elizabeth knows all about the Royal Husband; all royal families know each other and most know each other’s secrets. The late Princess Diana also knew about this Royal Husband, but not through marrying Charles and joining the House of Windsor. And that is actually the biggest clue of all.  

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