Ask Calorie Ken Supplemental: Will and Kate Plus 8...No, Wait!

Will and Kate plus 50…days, that is. Where will they be in 50 years?

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Today, June 17, 2011, is 50 days since the Big Royal Wedding. Happy 50-day anniversary, Will and Kate!  

Calorie Ken wonders: What are the odds that Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will always be swanky, fit, and trim, and live happily ever after?

Believe it or not, the odds are in their favor. Both are active, and both come from families that value fitness. Prince Charles is in great shape, and Kate's brother...well, he has a nice chest and good taste in boxer shorts.

Both are tall. William is 6'3", so he can easily handle 3,000 calories per day and maintain a healthy weight. Kate is 5' 10", so she can enjoy 2,000 calories per day. William can have cottage pie and banana flan every night of the week so long as he shares it with Kate.

In spite of scandalous stories and the occasional bad hat (what WERE Beatrice and Eugenie thinking?), and, although happiness is not assured, the odds of them living and modeling Twoo Wuv (Calorie Ken loves The Princess Bride) for the next 50 years are also in their favor.

William's great-great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, loved Albert, but sadly lost him at an early age and then mourned him for 40 years. His great-great uncle Edward VII loved Wallis, but had to give up his kingdom for her. His father, Charles, has managed to salvage love with Camilla. And, as we still mourn her untimely death, we can also hope beyond hope that Diana found love and happiness with Dodi, if ever so briefly.

Perhaps William and Katherine will be lucky like his great-grandparents and grandparents. All indications are that George VI truly loved his queen, and his grandmother and grandfather have managed to steer the Ship of State and sustain the monarchy while also holding the family together and appearing to be truly fond of one another.

Calorie Ken will be 101 on their 50th wedding anniversary, April 29, 2061. It's quite possible I could live to see it, but in case I don't, "Congratulations, Will and Kate! Thank you for 50 years of swanky love and leadership."

May your - may all our hearts be guided by our better angels, and may we keep the modern words* of the Big Royal Wedding's swanky hit hymn, "Jerusalem," on our lips: 'O day of peace that dimly shines through all our hopes and prayers and dreams, guide us to justice, truth, and love, delivered from our selfish schemes.'"

Happy anniversary, William and Kate! May your first 50 years be as swanky as your first 50 days. Cheers!

* Modern words to hymn tune, "Jerusalem," penned by Boston University School of Theology professor, The Reverend Carl P. Daw, Jr., and found in the first verse of hymn 597 in the Episcopal Hymnal 1982.


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