Bottom's Up as Pippa Sparks a Rush to the Rear

She is Britain’s unofficial entry into the Rear of the Year competition. Now Pippa Middleton and her delectable derriere has inspired a booty call among America’s women.

Since Pippa and her bootylicious hour glass shape took the world by storm on her sister’s wedding day, there has been a bums’ rush of women telling their plastic surgeons: ‘I want a Pippa.’

In the past it was J-Lo, Beyonce, tennis player Serena Williams and TV star Kim
Kardashian who were the top of the most wanted list. Now they have been, figuratively
speaking, told to butt out by the craze for Pippa.

Top California plastic surgeon Dr Michael Schwartz exclusively told the Morton Report:’. "We have had a surge in requests for buttock augmentation, or Brazilian Butt Lift, since J. Lo became popular. Since the wedding however we have seen quite a few women requesting this again, now effectively drawing from both sides of the pond."

Dr Schwartz, who runs a busy practice in tony Pasadena, adds: "The point about Pippa
is that she looks so naturally curvy. There is nothing fake about her. This is what my patients want - to look as nature intended."

The technique, known as gluteal sculpting, involves using the patients' own fat from another chubby part of their body. It is carefully removed, spun in a centrifuge and separated, and transferred to the butt.

As Dr Schwartz explains: "Fat has been shown to have a very high concentration of stem
cells which derive into the tissue into which they're placed. This is especially good for
skin quality, acne scarring and other issues in the face, and we have seen cellulite and
other issues respond favorably in the buttocks."

It is not just in California where the Pippa buttalike contest has taken hold. New Jersey
plastic surgeon Brian Gatt says: "I hear Pippa’s name every day from clients."

Since 2000, cosmetic bottom lifts have gone up 143 per cent, according to the American
Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Or as the Brits say in Blighty: ‘Bottoms up.

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