Catherine: Fifty Days and Still Counting

What do the stars say about the Duchess of Cambridge's first 50 days?

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The world, it seems, has fallen in love with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Even the notoriously fickle British media hasn't a bad word to say about her. Ever since she walked into the press call at St James's Palace and faced the cameras for the first time, she has not put a foot wrong. Her fashion savvy is impeccable - she even recycles, for Gawd's sake, and can make as much of a statement in an outfit from the high street as one from a couture collection. Her beauty is near flawless and she has a naturalness and warmth not seen in royal circles for many a year. Not since the Diana days in fact. There has to be something in the stars.

And there is. The Duchess of Cambridge, Our Kate, is a Capricorn and like all Saturn-ruled women, she wears responsibility well. She is William's rock, and she will be the granite upon which the future of the monarchy can rest assured. More importantly, she was born on a lunar eclipse, which marks her out to lead a life of significance. You might say she was born to be Queen.

duchess3.jpegThe horoscope for the minute Catherine pledged her oath to William was the moment she became a member of the royal family and a future Queen. At that moment in time, the alignments in play were challenging to say the least, and I was not the only astrologer to voice concerns about their impact on the lives of the couple. While the wedding itself went off perfectly - even the threatened rain held off - as they smiled, waved, embraced, and kissed, another kind of storm gathered, one which led to the postponement of their honeymoon.

While 50 days worth of events and outfits may tell us one kind of story, astrology gives us another. Using the principle of one-day-for-a-year to progress a horoscope forward in time, 50 days from the wedding on April 29 brings us to today, 17 June, and 2061 in terms of years - the royal couple's Golden Wedding! More importantly for our purposes here, each day of those 50 years gives a flavour of the year in question.

Still with me? Here's the point I want to make. Married only a handful of hours, William and Catherine faced a major change of plan - the honeymoon was off. Clearly this had much, if not everything, to do with the US operation in Abbottabad, which resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden. So, taking the one-day-for-a-year principle, the couple can look forward to a testing period between 2012 and 2014, one in which their lives will be disrupted by events beyond their control. Certainly, a pregnancy at this time could prove more difficult for Catherine, and if there was any change in the hierarchy of the Royal Family, their relative privacy on the Island of Angelsey might come to an abrupt end.

Another milestone, perhaps more important than 50 days, is 90. There is an astrological explanation for this but I don't want to lose you; suffice to say that at three months a new reality sets in. The three-month point is crucial in the life cycle of a relationship. It is the moment at which euphoria meets actuality; the moment the haze of being in lust clears to reveal the person behind the mask, the time when hyperbole runs out of gas. This moment of truth is still some 40 days off so the love affair between Catherine and the people continues unabated but don't be surprised if there are little niggles and upsets in late July and early August.

I always thought Catherine would be the jewel in the Royal Family's crown, and she has done nothing in these past 50 days to change my mind. She has absolutely the right balance between the serenity and distance demanded of a Duchess and the ease and unpretentiousness necessary for a people's princess. She shimmered in her Jenny Packman dress at the ARK charity gala dinner, discretely impressed at The Trooping of the Colour where she watched her husband embrace an aspect of his destiny, and she brought a blush to William's cheek with her impish smile at The Order of the Garter.

In these 50 days she has suffered disappointment too. The delayed honeymoon notwithstanding, the apartment at Kensington Palace into which she had hoped to move was denied to them so the couple must make do with far less impressive quarters. We also know that she has refused to hire a housekeeper and dresser, and that the couple will not be taking on any extra help when they move to the Palace. As befits her Capricornian nature, she is frugal and practical. She has a no-nonsense attitude and an instinctive grasp of her role and the pressures and demands that she must embrace over the years ahead.

Another aspect of her nature that cannot be underestimated is her love of family and respect for tradition. (This she owes yet again to her Capricorn sun and her Cancer moon, which she shares with William.) Aside from the close relationship she has with her own family, it is clear that she enjoys the company of her in-laws, especially the Duchess of Cornwall with whom she is said to have a special bond. Of all her many virtues it is this regard for family values and her innate sense of duty that will characterize her life. And in 50 days, we have seen just a hint of this.

Comparisons to Diana may not have reared their odious head yet but they will come, and I'll make a prediction: she will be more greatly admired than Diana. Maybe not so loved, since she will not wear her vulnerability on her sleeve and she will not draw the same kind of emotion from the public, but she has broad shoulders upon which many burdens will be placed. She may even be another Catherine the Great.

So, in 50 days we have a thumbnail sketch of our future Queen. Sadly, I won't be alive in 2061 to write a piece for TMR on the past 50 years but I know, absolutely know, Catherine will not disappoint.

Three cheers for Mrs Wales, the Duchess of Cambridge. Long may she reign.

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