Princess Diana's Wedding Gown Scrapbook to be Auctioned

Diana was a girlish bride, in contrast to calm and collected Kate Middleton.

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All photos: PFC Auctions.

Lady Diana Spencer turns to the crowd gathered outside St. Paul's Cathedral.

How old are you? If you're between 40 and 60 then your Princess Bride was probably Lady Diana Spencer, not Kate Middleton.

After a week of reviewing the triumphant first royal year of the Duchess of Cambridge, it's almost a shock to be reminded of the wedding day of the woman who would have been her mother-in-law.

Diana was more girl than woman in 1981 (having just turned 20) and that was reflected in her gown -- a pouf of silk taffeta and lace, sparkling with sequins.

Diana's wedding gown is back in the public eye with the upcoming auction of a unique scrapbook, prepared by one of the dress designers, Elizabeth Emanuel. The online bidding at PFC Auctions in Guernsey begins on May 3rd, with an opening bid of £2,000.

Scrapbook 380b.jpg
The autographed scrapbook was created by Elizabeth Emanuel on handmade paper. The cover features an evocative photograph of Diana in her wedding dress on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral. The edges of the cover are embellished with the Nottingham lace used on bodice of the gown. 

An original watercolor sketch of the bridal gown is annotated and signed.

Scrapbook 380c.jpg
The five-page scrapbook includes sketches of the bridesmaids' dresses, with attachments of an apricot bow like the ones used for them, and swatches of the fabric and lace that made up their dresses and the wedding gown.

Is that enough for the Diana fans? The final touch is the spool of thread used to attach the Spencer tiara to Diana's spangled veil.

Museums and Diana fans, start your bidding engines! May 3rd is right around the corner.

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