Duchess Kate Following Princess Rulebook: Philanthropy

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Keen on dispelling any final doubts about her suitability as future Queen, Kate Middleton has been sticking firmly to the ‘How to Be A Princess’ rulebook. Having successfully completed Phase 1 (bag a Prince), Kate has begun to expand her Royal agenda, notably with an emphasis on philanthropy.

All members of the Royal Family are avidly and actively involved in charitable causes, and soon, The Duchess of Cambridge will be no different. Kate has been quietly visiting a number of charitable organisations and will decide over the next few months which ones she will assign her name, and her support.

(WENN) Prince William and Prince Harry are keen on keeping their mother's charitable legacy alive.

diana-charity.jpgPrince William was actively encouraged to undertake charity work from a young age by his mother, Princess Diana, and Kate is clearly following in her footsteps. Anxious to avoid history repeating, Prince William has always been very protective over his young bride, conscious of the distress his mother felt at being thrust under the spotlight at such a young age and with little help from her new Royal family.

Indeed, less than five months after marrying Prince Charles and already two months into a difficult first pregnancy, Diana had been presented with a ‘suitable’ range of charities, without first questioning whether the young Princess was ready to undertake such a task. A former staff member of the Palace later said:

“I don’t know how much she felt pressurised into doing it and how much of it was her own choice. In retrospect she might have preferred not to have taken on so many, to find her footing a little it first, because she needed time to adjust to the whole situation.”

kate.jpgMindful of the pressure surrounding the new Royal, Kate has been given more time to consider her future, a spokesman from St James’ Palace stated, “The Duchess is using the next few months to get to know a number of charitable and other causes better, so she can make well-informed decisions about her future role.”

The Duchess is already nine years older than Diana was when she married into the Royal family and a great deal more experienced at dealing with the press, which is evident in her mature handling of Royal responsibilities. Kate has the support of Prince William, the nation and most importantly her Royal peers, but for anything else, she’d better refer to the Princess Rulebook.

Kate Middleton: Photo credit WENN

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