First Close-Up Look at Kate Middleton's Wedding: Gown, Tiara, Shoes, and Cake

Detailed peeks at everything from the royal wedding except the groom, Prince What’s-his-name.

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Two Queens? Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Cambridge preview the new Buckingham Palace display of items from the royal wedding.

Three months on, we get a replay of the royal wedding, the day Kate Middleton became a Princess Bride. With a better view this time, unless you had an aisle-side seat in Westminster Abbey. Royal biographer Andrew Morton revealed the wedding exhibit's hidden message in an exclusive for The Morton Report.

In the new exhibit Kate's wedding gown, veil, and shoes are on display, along with the tiara The Queen loaned to her. Even the perishables, Kate's bouquet and the wedding cake, have been recreated. In fact everything about the wedding is here, except for the groom, Prince What's-his-name.

Kate made the royal wedding romantic and personal with her emphasis on flowers from the family gardens, the language of flowers, and traditions for royal bridal bouquets.

Did you know there are floral messages in the wedding cake too? Join me in the photo gallery for a feast of fashion and flowers, royal style.

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