Florida Church to Auction Tour of Althorp, Princess Diana's Final Resting Place

Althorp House and Estate

Sometimes it pays to think big and aim high. That’s what a small church in Florida believes after Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer agreed to give a personal tour of his 500-year old stately home of Althorp, which is also Diana’s last resting place, as a highly unusual auction prize.

althorpDMFD3108_468x294.jpgWhen Karen Leone, a fundraiser for the small Episcopalian church Church of the Holy Child, in Ormond Beach, Florida, wrote to the Earl the most she was hoping for was an autographed book to auction to raise funds for the church. After a flurry of emails, it was Diana’s brother who suggested giving a personal tour of the house and gardens with lunch and afternoon tea thrown in.

As Karen recalls: "Am I out of my mind to think it was Diana’s spirit whispering in his ear, saying: 'Do this.'"

In order to raise as much for the church as she can, Karen has invited fans of the late Diana, Princess of Wales to put in their bids for this noble auction prize. She contacted the Morton Report knowing of our unrivalled royal coverage.

diana1pa3108_468x702.jpgAs she says: "All I want now is to get the word out to all those Diana fans who might want to spend next summer, the 15th anniversary of her tragic death, at the estate on a private tour given by her brother. It is classic auction style... highest bidders win and no money will exchange hands until arrangements are finalized with Earl Spencer."

Up to 24 people can take part in the personal tour.

Charles Spencer also points out: "If this tour takes place in July or August, then the exhibition of my late sister's life would be in situ at Althorp, too, for the prizewinners to enjoy."

The award-winning Diana exhibit spreads over six rooms and depicts her life and work, including audiovisual displays in four of the rooms. The exhibits displayed include her bridal gown, childhood letters, school reports, and details of the princess's charity work.

The deadline for bids is December 1.

althorptrees.jpg"The bid should indicate a monetary offer and how many people are to be included in that
offer," Leone said. "Although it is not required, we would like to know when the bidder
has plans to travel to England, as that will quicken the process of checking Earl Spencer's

Bidders, of course, will be pay for their own trips, room and board to England. Their bid will only be for a personal Althorp tour with the Earl of Spencer and refreshments.

Bids should be submitted in writing to the Church of the Holy Child, 1225 W. Granada
Blvd., Ormond Beach, FL 32174.

"Why not make plans to hang out with the uncle of the future king of England?" Leone said.

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