Give Yourself a Pippa Middleton Makeover

Tips to get hip with Britain's Perfect Pip!

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The world has Pippa Fever. Since she appeared as her sister’s stunning maid of honor at the Royal wedding in April wearing that absolutely unforgiving, body-skimming Alexander McQueen satin dress, the world has gone bonkers for this nearly-royal British beauty.

If you’re dying to get your share of this marvelous MOH’s spotlight, read on for a few ways to give your style a Pippa-lift.


The Facebook fanpage for Pippa’s bum officially has over 200,000 “likes.” Wow, right? And while plastic surgeons everywhere are reporting increased demand for booties like Pippa’s, Kate’s sister credits her fab figure to a dedicated Pilates practice and love of athletics.

While genetics played a large part in Pippa’s athletic-yet-curvy frame, no outside alterations need apply if you’d like to tone your tush like this nearly-royal party planner. Here are a few ways to transform your backside into your best side (or one of them, anyway):

-Hit up your local gym to see what kinds of Pilates and yoga classes they offer. When you’re starting out, it’s best to have an experienced teacher to help make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

-Work your rump at home with squats and lunges. There are so many ways you can vary these exercises to get the biggest bang for your booty!

-Take up running or another lower-body-intensive sport.

Pippa Middleton.jpgTan

Pippa’s skin tone -- you know, that gorgeous glow she always seems to have despite the fact that the rest of us with British blood in our veins tend towards the ghostly pale -- was just recently named the most desirable skin color by Really, a new British TV station. Yes, people apparently vote on these things.

If you’d like to look more mocha than peaches-and-cream and you’re looking for color instead of cancer, skip the tanning bed and try some of the tinted moisturizers, gradual self-tanners, and powder bronzers you can find in any drugstore beauty department. Especially when used in conjunction with a little natural sunbathing (complete with SPF 15, of course), products like Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer and Rimmel’s powder bronzer for your face, will give you a sun-kissed look without the risk.

(Just be careful around hands, feet, and other areas where the product might collect and give away the secret to your success.)


If you’d like to emulate the wardrobe that’s inspired tens of internet photo galleries, just think Audrey Hepburn in 2011.

Looking through photos of her best looks, you’ll notice feminine blouses, classically-designed cap-sleeve and sleeveless dresses, flowy tops with metal accents, pretty cardigans, and one or two versatile jackets as her staple pieces.

She doesn’t boldly go where no fashionista has gone before - rather, she keeps it pretty and chic by sporting classic styles with modern updates. For the everyday, budget-conscious girl, Antonio Melani, Gianni Bini, French Connection, and Calvin Klein might be some labels to keep an eye on.

Accessories-wise, stick with the comfortable yet stylish:

- Shoes - Pippa’s not really a break-your-ankle-stiletto girl; instead, think low heels, simple wedges, and occasionally a flirty espadrille.

- Jewelry - She may be kin to the future queen, but Pippa seems to go light on the sparkles. Rarely sporting a necklace, she instead opts for slim bracelets, small and understated earrings, and the occasional ring or two.

- Handbags - This is where Pip has real wardrobe fun - you’ll see she has a different purse for nearly every outfit. However, each remains understated but classy - no purple sequins allowed!

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