Kate Joins the Princess Posse

Princess William of Wales is the newest member of the commoner-turned-princess club.

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Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is also Princess William of Wales, and her new crowd is the Princess Posse, a group of commoners who married heirs to thrones. Luckily, there's not a 'mean girl' in the bunch.

These young princesses in Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, and the Netherlands have done well as dignified wives and fecund mothers.

Each faced challenges such as switching to a new language, giving up an impressive career, or dealing with a royal mother-in-law who'd been combing the Almanach de Gotha for a suitable blue-blooded (not commoner) bride.

Cue The Prince of Denmark's March wedding music and enjoy our gallery of the Princess Posse as brides -- notes on their romances too, and what almost went wrong at their royal weddings.

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