Prince Harry and the Showgirls

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It’s a tough life being a prince. Walk into a room and every girl there cranes her head to get a better view. Glamorous women become simpering wrecks hanging on your every word. Even the simulacrum of a royal joke elicits hearty if hollow laughter.

wenn3435221.jpgTrouble is it is so difficult to gauge who is sincere and who is simply using proximity to the purple to get a leg up the social ladder - or to promote a book, film or failing career.

Then again why worry? That has certainly been the motto of Prince Andrew aka Randy Andy aka Andrew, the Playboy Prince who has squired at least 15 different women since his break up with Fergie.

They range from Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of dodgy tycoon Robert, to Denise Martell, a former Playboy model from Los Angeles. Other girlfriends have included the PR girls Aurelia Cecil and Caroline Stanbury, the businesswoman Harriet Staveley and actress actress, Angie Everhart.

When she had a book to promote Courtney Love claimed that Andrew came a calling at her Hollywood Hills home. Similarly when Britney Spears had a new album to sell, miraculously she was in intimate contact with Prince William. Yeah right.


So folks as we mourn the end of Prince Harry’s all-too-brief “relationship” with Florence Brudenell-Bruce — a descendant of the 7th Earl of Cardigan, who led the Charge of the Light Brigade — spare a thought for the up and coming model.

Flee, as she is known to her friends, is furious at ridiculous, unfounded suggestions that she has used her fling with the latest royal playboy to further her career.

As if……

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