Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie Inspired by Cinderella's Ugly Step-sisters?

Sometimes fairytales really do come true.

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How bizarre is life? Just yesterday I was chatting with our lovely PR person Bronagh about Princess Beatrice's hat/fascinator being auctioned off for charity, and she remarked how much Beatrice and Eugenie reminded her of Cinderella's step-sisters.

In the Disney version of Cinderella, the step-sisters were named Anastasia and Drizella, and described by Wiki as: "plain and socially awkward...and bitterly envious of the beautiful and charming Cinderella."

I am certainly no Andrew Morton, erudite in all things royal, but I have to say this Facebook fan page managed to sum it all up.  And when you throw in Andrew's post yesterday about Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson's sobbing over not getting an invite, you have what is clearly a modern day spin on an ancient fairytale.

It must be terribly difficult being the lesser princesses, royal by birth, but ultimately outshined by an infinitely more graceful, and dare I say prettier, commoner like Kate Middleton. The visual similarities are striking wouldn't you say?


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