Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge: The Real (Royal) Housewife of Anglesey

Life in pastoral Anglesey is a far cry from the glitz and glamour of London.

Her £4000 a night honeymoon on the paradise islands of the Seychelles will now seem like a dream. As for her wedding at Westminster Abbey nearly a month ago, well, that is also a distant memory. For the newly minted Duchess of Cambridge, the seemingly endless postbags of cards, letters and gifts from well-wishers and friends will be a constant reminder that it wasn't a fairytale.

Certainly when she returns to the four bedroom white-washed rented cottage she and William  will share in Anglesey, (200 miles northwest of London) with only the whipping westerly wind and cries of the seabirds for company, she could be forgiven for pinching herself that it actually happened.

kate2.jpgWhen she pops out for a pint of milk from her local Spar supermarket a few miles down the road from her isolated cottage, the shelves of magazines with her picture -- or that of her younger sister Pippa -- on the covers will be enough to remind her it was all true.

Little though in her daily routine could possibly compare with the glamour and excitement of the last few months. For that matter nothing in her new life could even come close to the way she lived before she married, what with shopping trips down the trendy King's Road in London's fashionable Chelsea and nights out at exclusive parties and nightclubs.

For the Real Royal Housewife of Anglesey, a bird watcher's handbook rather than the latest copy of the snob's Bible,Tatler, will be of more use on the windswept beaches and dense woodland which lie a few minutes stroll from the £750 a month cottage on a private estate which she and Prince William are renting.

While William works 12 hour shifts as a search and rescue helicopter pilot at RAF Valley, she will have plenty of time to spot the buzzards, kestrels and, I am reliably informed by local ornithologists, blue tits that flock in numbers. The local flora and fauna is, according to local guides, unusual and abundant. So that's good.

As well as, walks along windswept beaches, camera in hand, the Duchess will have plenty of time to frequent the local hot spots. Not that there are many to choose from.

Kateshopping3.jpgShe could nurse a glass of white wine after ordering crab salad at her local pub, the White Eagle at Rhoscollyn, join hubbie at the Sandymount RAF club at Rhosneigr or ride pillion on his red and white Ducatti motorbike to catch the latest Hollywood release at the Empire cinema at Holyhead. As she is visiting Tinsel Town in a few weeks time it is useful research.

Certainly William will be able to compare notes with fellow petrol heads Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise who become anonymous once they don their leathers and motorcycle helmet.

Of course nothing can beat the frisson of excitement that is Friday night grocery shopping. She and William have been captured on security cameras buying frozen pizzas and chips at Tescos in Holyhead and McColls supermarket in Blaenau Ffestiniog. A difficult name to say let alone spell. Given the fact that half the locals speak Welsh, that Catherine has learnt a smattering of the language will come in handy. Though 'Where's Boujis nightclub?' doesn't really translate.

Most nights though Catherine will be waiting at the farmhouse, a hot meal ready for her man. The local butcher has already reported that she has bought liver and steak to make a hearty pie for the pilot Prince. Her culinary skills went a long way to winning her man's heart during their student days, kitchen arts she learnt at her mother's knee.

After supper the young couple put their feet up and watch TV soap. For a change of pace Kate, who learnt sewing from her grandmother Valerie, could get out her tapestry while William reads the latest thriller by Frederick Forsyth, one of his favourite novelists.

It may not be Beverly Hills or Manhattan but for the Real Royal Housewife of Anglesey, it is home sweet home.

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Additional reporting by Margaret Holder

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