The Style of Fall and a Duchess Who Has Perfected Her Landing

To reserve their continuous space in our headlines and as topics of conversation, many of those in the limelight have become addicted to falling. Falling in love, falling out of love, releasing their grip on all judgment, reality, and boundaries -- either choosing to take a leap or inadvertently rolling off the metaphoric edge. As masters of keeping our attention, the celebrity community knows all too well that witnessing someone simply standing still is what quickly loses our interest.

If Lindsay Lohan isn't falling, we could care less about her, which subsequently is likely the very reason she continues to tumble. Either in a court room, a jail cell, or on a boat with her boob falling out of her bathing suit, falling is the only way LILO gets noticed -- it's how she attempts to matter.

On her arraignment day this past February, Lohan wore a short, white, Kimberly Ovitz dress to court, which she said represented her innocence. After that day, she was not only recognized for her fall, but she was also recognized for her bold fashion statement, managing to make short white dresses all the rage in a matter of minutes.

Falling, sadly, has in and of itself become fashionable. The highest ratings and the most attention is gathered by the hardest and fastest falls. From Weinergate to Schwarzenegger, The Bachelorette to The Millionaire Matchmaker, Jen Aniston's love life to Charlie Sheen's spiral, we just can't seem to take our eyes off of those who tumble either quickly or repeatedly. Even in our own lives, we jump from one fall to the next, trying desperately not to bore ourselves with the in-between.

According to style maker Catherine Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, one need not fall to remain trendy and interesting. After watching her royal reign over the past 50 days, I'm relived to say that thanks to Kate, it seems that landing is becoming the new black. How refreshing.

Whether you can't stand the royal obsession or you're part of it yourself, the truth is that Catherine Middleton is one person who, in a world in love with falling, continues to find ground over and over again -- and she makes it look damn good. No matter how hard the media pushes or how far those who disapprove of her are willing to go, she remains full of breath and poise, with two feet on the ground, often in a pair of adorable wedges to boot.

As an American, I wonder what would happen if we followed the lead of a true royal and focused more on the in love, less on the falling, and all on the landing...we actually just might get somewhere.

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