Prince William & Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Cake to be Auctioned

Not a guest at William and Kate's wedding? You can still take the cake.

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Buy a slice of royal history. Someone in the inner circle of the royal family has decided to give up a special bit of memorabilia.

Pieces of Willliam and Kate's wedding cake from April 29, 2011 were placed in keepsake boxes and distributed to close friends. One is about to be auctioned online through PFC Auctions starting Thursday, May 3rd. Opening bid will be £100. Can you top that?

Cake 3 380px.JPG

Americans may be scratching their heads, wondering how a sponge cake could last this long. The happy couple actually had two wedding cakes. One, a childhood favorite of Prince William's, was a cake made with 1,700 McVitie's chocolate cookies. The second (emblazoned with cyphers, insignia, and symbolic flowers over fruit cake) was The Wedding Cake.

William and Kate kept the top two layers of the traditional cake, which Andrew Morton says is done with an eye to serving the cake at the christening of their firstborn. Who knows? Maybe they'll have a little sliver of it this weekend on their first wedding anniversary.

Cake 2 380px.JPG
You can see the wrapped cake in its box, and to its right is a printed card from the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall (aka Charles and Camilla) that accompanied the keepsake box.

Also available is the official Order of Service for the royal wedding. The makings of a tremendous family heirloom, for future generations.

Go on, bid for a piece of the royal wedding of the century. Just make sure no one at your house gets the munchies.

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