Is The New Duchess of Cambridge Being Thrown to The Wolves In Canada?

Not all will be rosy when William and Catherine take their tour of Canada this summer.

It looks like Catherine Middleton is in for a baptism of ire on her first overseas royal visit.

The royal ingénue faces rowdy protests from republican groups when she and Prince William swing through French-speaking Quebec in Canada on their whistle stop tour of Canada in late June and early July.

WillandKate.jpgCatherine has already attracted the ire of firebrand politician Amir Khadir who described she and husband Prince William as 'parasites' and 'circus freaks.' While his remarks have been condemned as 'rude and unwelcoming' by pro-monarchy groups, it is a taste of the hostility she will face from the dissident organisations.

The Réseau de Résistance du Québecois, a hardline separatist group, says it is planning a peaceful protest in Quebec City in order to make the couple's visit as "disagreeable as possible."

Quebec has long been the province most aggressively hostile and downright rude towards visits by the British monarchy. When William's father Prince Charles visited in 2009 with the Duchess of Cornwall their visit to a Montreal armoury was delayed by separatist protesters. A visit by the Queen in 1964 led to angry demonstrations and hundreds of arrests.

If the couple's first joint visit is marred by protests, there are bound to be questions about why Catherine was thrown into the republican lion's den in the first place.

Traditionally, royal visits have focused on Toronto, the most affluent and pro-monarchy city. This time the the province of Ontario doesn't get a look, rather the couple will be visiting Ottawa for Canada Day, with Montreal following on July 2 and Quebec City on July 3.

Catherine and William should expect a warmer welcome when they visit in traditionally loyalist regions of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Yellowknife, North West Territories and Calgary.

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