Summer's Hottest Flings

There is nothing quite as hot as a summer fling! Here's how the Hollywooders do it!

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Check out the stats on summer's hottest flings - Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez make Maui boil and much, much more!

Sitting on the beach this week in my fave summer wardrobe (I’m perpetually bikini’d) and thinking back on my own recent mini vacay, I realized that there simply is nothing hotter than a summer fling!

We pretty much all have one in our romantic artillery - a vacation you took somewhere and there was a gorgeous, unexpected stranger. Maybe it was on a train through Europe, deep in Mexico, or even lakeside in Michigan (thanks, Kid Rock) but somewhere along the road trip of single life, you’ve probably had a passing and incredibly hot summer fling. If you have not, then it’s time to get on it!

When wearing next to nothing, rubbing suntan lotion all over ourselves, hiking on unknown trails, eating delicious and totally foreign food, or maybe even just road-tripping to a friend’s house for dinner, there is something oh-so-romantic about the escape of summer. Celebs and normal peeps (like you and me) all need the occasional getaway from life, responsibility, and occasionally culpability.

A road trip kiss doesn’t really count, does it? Sometimes flings lead to happily ever after (or as long as "ever after" lasts these days) but most of the time they are the perfect catalyst to reset, so when you return to your routine you step with a bit of a different spring!

So here are Hollywood’s hottest summer flings and romantic vacays offered as either inspiration or as a guide down your own memory lane to those days of summers past.

Promise me that after a quick review of all these romantic little adventures you will hit the road and find someone to make your heart pitter-patter, or if you are happily attached, hit the road and love each other like it’s a fling. Because come fall the heavy clothes will go back on, we will all hunker back down at school or work, and while our tans will fade, the memory of a hot summer’s night most definitely will not.

Hollywood's Hottest Summer Flings and Vacations

Turns out George Clooney and the foxilicious Stacy Keibler are working through their past relationship woes with a little lovey dovey Italian style. She tweeted on July 8, “I’m in heaven.” Gorgeous Woman + Handsome Man + Italy = OMG I’m in! I’m going to totally try to stop by Lake Como next month and say hello to George. I'll have my people call your people.


Instead of playing with the other boys of summer, Alex Rodriquez healed from a busted leg by getting hot and tropical in Miami with girlfriend Cameron Diaz last weekend.


Jennifer Aniston and her delicious summer treat Justin Theroux sneaked away for hiking and surfing in Hawaii. Turns out he’s turning 40 this summer. Jennifer is one heck of a birthday present!


Miley Cyrus and hotness Liam Hemsworth were spotted enjoying a hot aquatic lake retreat in Orchard Lake, MI on July 31. Ladies, if you don’t know who this actor is, IMDb him, stat. In my opinion, he’s the cutest of the Hemsworth boys.


Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio rode bikes through a steamy NYC. Rumor has it, they are moving in together. I’m guessing this is an It Girl meets once-was It Boy summer fling that may last through December, but they are still hot!


Now it’s not official, but it seems that JLo and her new costar in What to Expect When You Are Expecting, Rodrigo Santoro, are summer flinging their way through production. Sorry about that whole marriage thing not working out, other guy, but this serial monogamist superstar is quite possibly too powerful for any one man to hang onto for too long.


And here's some precious puppy love: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were head over heels summer fling style in Maui.


The happily ever afterers Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth are meandering through Italy celebrating on an extended honeymoon. I’m taking personal inspiration from this one too! Almafi Coast, I’ll see you shortly.


So now, my darlings, go get your summer fling on and tell me all about it! Well, maybe not all about it, just the when, the ambiguous who, and most importantly, the where!

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