Casey Anthony Reports For Probation, But She'd Be Better Off In Jail

Casey would be better off serving time and paying her dues, than hiding like a cage rat.

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Casey Anthony turned herself into Florida authorities sometime late Wednesday to begin serving her one-year probation for theft and check fraud. Anthony, who must remain in the state of Florida during her probation, will be required to check in with her probation officer the fifth of every month. However, don't expect her to be looking for a job or popping up at the local Wal-Mart. 

State officials have agreed to keep her location private and details about her probation will be made confidential due to credible death threats. Casey's attorney Jose Baez has stated Casey won't be working, but instead will be furthering her education by taking online classes.  It's also been reported she will remain at an undisclosed location with 24-hour security. Other reports have stated she's had very limited contact with her family.

Smiling Casey Anthony.jpegSo, to summarize: people want to kill Casey, she can't leave the house, only her attorneys want anything to do with her, and she's taking online classes. Wow - now that's what I call "living the beautiful life."

While Casey may have been found "not guilty" of murdering her two-year old daughter Caylee, that does not mean she's innocent.

Casey's callousness in the subsequent days after her daughter's disappearance may not have been enough to convict of her of murder, but it was certainly enough to make the public hate her. For the state of Florida to go to such extremes to protect her, there must be genuine concern for her well being.

While I don't blame the jury for their "not guilty" verdict (I blame the overly confident and aggressive prosecutors for that), I do feel they have done her a tremendous disservice.  Had Casey been convicted of aggravated manslaughter, a viable alternative to the first degree murder charges, she would be far better off than she is now.

Confused? Let me explain.

100713170305resized_Caylee_Anthony_36.jpgCasey isn't the first mother, and she certainly won't be the last, to treat her child/ren with malice and neglect. Throughout the centuries, there have been horrifying aberrations who call themselves mothers who've done horrible things to their children. Rarely however, do they get away with it.  More often than not, they are forced to come to terms with what they've done, typically in the confines of jail, and must deal with the guilt associated with their actions.

Some repent, some are openly remorseful and seek redemption from a higher power, and sadly, some are just insane. 

So far, Casey has yet to demonstrably partake of any of these options. There have been no public signs of remorse, feelings of guilt, no steps towards redemption, and she was determined to be perfectly sane.  She's also been released from jail.  So essentially, an innocent child was killed and zero justice was served.  SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, DID SOMETHING to Caylee Anthony.

To most observers of this case, all signs point to Casey, her mother, the one person entrusted to look after her. The public wants and demands that a person be held responsible and that person needs to Casey Anthony. The public outrage and hatred towards Casey may be unproductive, but it's certainly understandable.

Now, had she been found guilty for some part of Caylee's death, even if it were accidental, the public's need for justice could have been reasonably satiated. But that simply didn't happen.  This isn't good for Casey and it's not good for society. Jail time for Casey would have accomplished several important points in this case.

A.) Justice would be served.
B.) Casey would be safe from the public
C.) Casey, upon conviction, might have been forced to take ownership of her actions and come to terms with her behavior.
D.) Time out of the spotlight would allow the public to move on, making Casey's reintegration into society later on much smoother.

As it stands, this case has left an open festering wound, and there is simply no positive resolution to this matter. Casey has been cornered like a rat, and will be forced to live her life in the shadows, at the mercy of those who are responsible for defending her actions.

The sad fact remains, Casey can run, but she can never hide from herself.

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