Death Toll Rises - 80 People Killed by Norwegian Shooter

The death toll of today's terror attacks in Norway climbs to 87; with 80 reported dead in Utoya island shooting.

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An update to my earlier report about the terror attacks in Norway. 

According to, officials are now reporting that 80 people were gunned down by Anders Behring Breivik, the 32-year old Norwegian police have identified as the shooter in Norway's deadliest day since WWII. It's just shocking and appalling that someone could be brazen and cold-blooded enough to kill 80 people.

The high death toll most surely is due to the fact that the attack happened on a ferry in open water, leaving riders virtually no way to escape the vicious assault. To make matters worse, the campers who were attending the event were as young as 13, making it likely that there were children on the ferry during the attack. So far, ages of those killed have not been released to the public.

Norway-attacks-Oslo-explo-007.jpgHere's a translated snippet from the Norwegian news site:

- The alleged offender is virtually a blank sheet for the police. We work with the hypothesis that there may be several people behind the attacks, said Maeland on.
Never been a similar situation in Norway

It was clearly shaken Police Officer who informed the press about the terrorist attack in the city center and the shooting of Utøya Friday night.

- There has never been a similar situation like this in Norway. It is a black day for Norway. This is something we do not have experience from the past, said police director Oystein Maeland Friday night.

The mayor's office told CNN that about 90 people are injured in the terrorist attack on Oslo.

City council leader Stian Berger Røsland will not confirm that figure to NRK as they get slightly different figures from the emergency room, but he suggests that it is not far from the truth.
Arrested and sitting in the interrogation

32 year old Anders Behring Breivik was arrested Friday night and sitting in the interrogation by the police. Breivik's ethnic Norwegian and from Oslo.

Police searched the apartment of the alleged offender Friday night.

ALSO READ: - Should belong to the right extreme environment

According to sources, the TV 2 has talked with, the arrested belong to a right extreme environment in eastern and shall have recorded two weapons in its name: One machine gun and a Glock pistol. He is a member of a frimurerloge.

Police have found a car containing explosives on Utøya. The car belongs to probably the alleged offender.

Our hearts go out to Norway, and as a proud Norwegian (by marriage) I know this type of violence is very uncharacteristic of the otherwise peaceful nation. There are eerie similarities between this deadly attack and the 1994 Oklahoma bombings here in the U.S -- bringing back horrifying memories of that terror event.

Be strong, Norway, your American friends stand with you.

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