The Face Behind Norway's Day of Terror Identified

Two deadly attacks has left the small, relatively violence-free country of Norway shaken and horrified.

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The country of Norway has suffered its most difficult day after two deadly attacks, now believed to be related, ended with 17 deaths and more than 90 people hospitalized.

The attacks began in Oslo, Norway's capital, when two separate blasts at government buildings rocked the city's center and caused severe damage to surrounding buildings. There were seven people killed during the explosions, and several dozens injured. Shortly after the bombings, news reports of an armed man shooting people at a political youth camp started to trickle in.

According to reports, a man dressed as a police officer boarded a ferry transporting visitors from mainland Norway to the island of Utoya, approximately an hour away from Oslo, where campers were gathering for a Labour party run political youth camp. Attendees were to attend 'political training' seminars, participate in activities, and then camp out in tents on the island. 

The man, described as a 32-year-old native Norwegian, told ferry riders he was conducting a "security check." The man then brandished a gun and began shooting ferry riders. Panic erupted on the ferry, with riders jumping into the water to escape the shooter, some trying to hide and others attempting to swim to shore. According to eyewitnesses the shooter began hunting down people and shooting them, and ended up killing at least ten and wounding many others.

A police spokesman told reporters that the shooter matched the description of a person who was seen near the Oslo government buildings earlier in the day, a short time before the explosions began.

Police discovered undetonated explosives on the island of Utoya after the attack.  According to Norwegian website, the man pictured above, Anders Behring Breivik, has been identified as the shooter and police feel that both deadly attacks were related and can be traced back to Anders. He is described as belonging to an extremist right wing political faction and has at least two weapons registered in his name.  Story developing...

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