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White mist at Rieglesville Cemetery

People didn't just start ghost hunting, though from watching TV it seems like they have thrown themselves into it with particularly maniacal gusto over the last several years. A noteworthy, even altruistic aspect of Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans' new Travel Channel show, Paranormal Challenge, is the spotlight it shines on workaday investigation teams out there beating the paranormal bushes, alone in the dark; confronting potentially dangerous entities out of the spotlight; directing their thermal imaging cameras and digital audio recorders this way and that, seeking only illumination, edification, and the satisfaction of a job well done.

We will be profiling a number of the organizations that have had the good fortune of being selected to appear on Paranormal Challenge -- thereby receiving at least that level of recognition -- but there are dozens, if not hundreds, of teams around the country that work just as hard and accomplish just as much. Those teams deserve a moment in the spotlight as well.

We begin the series with Eastern Pennsyvania Parnormal Society (EPPS) - I spoke with team member Nina De Santo.

Nine De Santo.jpgWho are the primary members? Bill Cook, Nina De Santo, Cary Moran, Anita and John Mulholland, Brenton Cook, Bob Davis, Jennifer Duda, Danielle Ponzio.

How did they get involved? They each researched for a good reputable paranormal team and ended up applying to EPPS through our on-line application form. They were interviewed and the rest is history.

When did the organization form? Our organization officially formed in 2007 but Bill (the founder) has been performing his own investigations since 2000.

What are your regular activities? Our activities are very diverse. We not only do paranormal investigations, but we work specifically with children who have been traumatized by paranormal experiences, trying to assist them and heal them as well as working with animal spirits and helping them cross over.

With the loss of an animal, which is like a family member, we help bring peace and harmony to families knowing their pets are happy and crossed over, hence allowing the family to heal and come to a place of peace.

We also hold workshops assisting anyone interested in forming a paranormal team. We most enjoy working with children, which allows us the opportunity to instill a healthy mindset about the paranormal, helping them to understand it and respect it.

How often do you investigate? We get many requests to come out and do investigations, but through our screening process, we find many to be more imaginative than an actual haunting. We pretty much go out and do an investigation every weekend, including consults.

6Child's Face in Deep IR - Close up.jpgChild's face in window via deep IR

Why do you do this? We offer these services primarily to help people, but also to further our research of the unknown.  We are a very passionate group and seekers on a mission for the truth of what really does lie beyond.

Do you charge for services? No we do not charge to do an investigation. If traveling a long distance, we do welcome gas money donations, but do not expect it.

How do people get in touch with you? Via our website.

King George Inn Face of Woman in Mirror - Close up.jpgWoman's face in mirror, close up

Please detail a typical case. A potential client contacts EPPS through our website, our business cards or from word of mouth. We then conduct a phone interview to gather details. If applicable, we then schedule a preliminary meeting with the client, or if time or distance is an issue, we immediately schedule an investigation.

On the day of the "invest," we further interview our client and do a walk through of the location. We then set up our equipment and conduct a full investigation utilizing all of our available members and equipment. After the invest, we carefully scrutinize all collected materials looking for evidence. Any evidence collected will be further analyzed and then copied and presented to our clients at reveal.

What equipment do you use? We use a long list of typical ghost hunting equipment including infrared video cameras, infrared still cameras, auto trap cameras, digital thermometer guns, audio recorders, ghost box, Ovilus II, motion sensors, EMF Meters, and geophones but we are constantly changing, upgrading and adding new equipment.

Rieglesville Cemetery, Blue mist in home.jpgBlue mist in home in Rieglesville

What makes you different from other, similar organizations? We use only mature professional people, and have recruited people such as doctors, bank managers and business owners but our main goal is to get the most qualified members we can regardless of their profession, age or gender. Each member must first complete a criminal background check prior to becoming active.

We are professional and approach an investigation scientifically. We are a reputable team and through our investigations and presentation of evidence hope to bring a respectable and reputable status to paranormal investigating teams worldwide.

Do you have advice for individuals/organizations looking to get into paranormal investigations? Yes, be professional, safe, and put your clients first! DO NOT look upon this as a joke or game. Ghosts were people to at one time and they need to be treated with honor and respect. Also, since you are dealing with energies and elements that you cannot "see," be cautious at all times. And NEVER do it alone! Reasearch and apply to join a reputable team.

Anything else you'd like to add? We have appeared on the Animal Planet's The Haunted several times. We are presently working on a TV project - top secret! Several networks have contacted us for consults, also top secret! We also are offering workshops. Our team is very diverse with so many gifts and talents that bring so much to the team. Please check out our bios on the website.

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