Brian Eno to Release New Album Lux

Lux is Eno's first solo album since 2005.

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Brian Eno's name carries a lot of weight. You can remember his time with Roxy Music, where he established himself as a master of sound. Or you can choose his solo efforts, with all of his evolving works, as the focal point. You might even point to his producer credits (Talking Heads, Devo, U2, Coldplay) as his high point. He has collaborated with several important artists that include David Bowie (as musician on Low, Heroes), David Byrne (with the critically acclaimed My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, and later with Everything That Happens Will Happen Today), and several ambient musicians (Harold Budd, Lanois, Fripp). However you choose to consider Brian Eno, one thing is certain—he has undoubtedly left his mark, and has done so in an impressive manner.

A thorough evaluation of Eno's contributions to music would have to be exhaustive and would take more pages than you have patience for. Suffice it to say, that Brian Eno is well-traveled musically.

BrianEnoLux.jpgEno's last solo effort, Another Day on Earth, was released in 2005. That album was significant for its inclusion of vocals, something that Eno hadn't done for quite some time before that album's release. And while Eno has slowed down in his output, he still can generate excitement with an announced release.

On November 13 in the US, Eno will release his next album, Lux. Lux will feature four similarly-titled tracks ("Lux 1", "Lux 2", "Lux 3", "Lux 4") that will run approximately 76 minutes in length. The themes of Lux extend from his earlier "Music For ..." Thinking series.

Lux will be issued on CD and DD (digital download) formats. It will also be released as a two-LP set on 180g audiophile-grade vinyl planned for December 11. The CD will be housed in a gatefold soft pack with four bonus prints, while the LP set will feature as a gatefold sleeve, with four bonus prints, and digital download rights.

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