Courtney Love Stiffs Maids and Scares David Byrne

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Hardly a month goes by without some kind of flamboyant outburst from Courtney Love, but the past few days have been ablaze with indiscretions, missteps and lawsuits. First her former lawyer Rhonda Holmes filed a suit against the singer in Los Angeles Superior Court on May 26.

The San Diego-based law firm of Gordon & Holmes represented Love from December 2008 through May 2009, but were terminated after Love became offended when Ms Holmes asked her to "refrain from 'any and all substance abuse' during the attorney-client relationship," according to published reports.

After a few months, Love attempted to rehire the firm, but was turned down. It was then that Love began a barrage of libelous accusations on Twitter, online and in print, alleging that the law firm had been persuaded by her detractors not to represent her.

"I was f***ing devastated [sic] when Rhonda J Holmes Esq. of San Diego was bought off."

In the suit, Holmes contends that these allegations of bribery have damaged her legal practice, and seeks unspecified damages, which also are said to include a punitive fine to deter the singer from any future attacks.

Maybe this will be an incentive to Love to close her Twitter account for good. She settled out of court for $430,000 after maligning fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir, who had the audacity to seek payment from Love for alleged thousands of dollars worth of clothes in the singer's possession. Which isn't all that different from the suit brought against Love by two former maids. A Beverly Hills judge ordered that she must pay the house cleaners back wages totaling $35,769.72 including penalties and interest. Maybe that's why she is selling some of her designer clothes on her eBay site Courtney Love Couture.

The upshot of all of this? Well, all we really know is Love even scared the unflappable and very soigné David Byrne, who exited a party in Cannes when she put her hand on his knee, something he blogged about in his online journal.

"She doesn't look as botoxed and surgically enhanced as I suspected, at least based on recent photos, but when she put her hand on my knee (we've never met before), I figured I'd better go. So, when she was fully engaged with the agent, I slipped off, saying I needed the toilet." We venture that's not the first time anyone has said that when they spotted the Hole singer.

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