The Inside Experience: Help Save Christina Perasso -- But Please, Don't Call The Cops!

Social media takes on filmmaking for an entirely new kind of interactive experience.

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The Inside Experience

You just have to love viral marketing... or not.

The latest trending topic on Twitter is a campaign to "Save Christina Perasso," of in tweetspeak, #savechristinaperasso. Christina Perasso is a 20-something woman who finds herself locked in a room without the faintest clue how she got there, with only a laptop as her single link to the outside world.

Christina uses the laptop to post updates on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to solicit help, but has found a number of other popular apps and sites blocked, such as Skype and Google Earth, however, before you dial 911 or ring up the FBI, this is just a clever ploy to generate interest in a socially interactive film starring Emmy Rossum (Phantom of the Opera, The Day After Tomorrow).

The Inside Experience is taking cues from our socially connected world and using popular social media tools to generate interest in what it's calling "a social film experience."  Not exactly a novel idea, but certainly one of the most interactive ones to date. The film, a combined effort between Intel and Toshiba, has its own YouTube Channel featuring film segments. Directed by D.J. Caruso, Eagle Eye, Disturbia, Taking Lives), the film uses social media updates as a way of engaging views/users into the film making experience and allows those interacting to have an impact on how the events unfold.

Here's a first look at the making of The Inside Experience:

A look at the first segment:

If the response on Twitter is any indication, chances are good that The Inside Experience will continue to gain momentum. So what do you think of this social experiment in movie making? Have you been following Christina? Are you interacting with the storyline? Tell us what you think? Sound off in the comments!

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