The Movie Spew: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to Reunite as Filmmakers (But Sadly Not as Lovers)

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After years of stardom and tabloid scandals, best buds Ben Affleck And Matt Damon will soon be reuniting. The Oscar-winning screenwriters won’t be putting pen to paper given that they are far too famous for that. No, instead they are going to forge a director/actor relationship this time out so that Affleck can finally tell Damon what’s wrong with his performance.

The film will return Affleck the director to the world of Boston crime, specifically the story of the recently arrested Beantown crime lord Whitey Bulger. The material should be familiar to Damon as well given that Bulger was one of the unofficial inspirations for The Departed. Damon will take on the lead role of the man who rose from the streets of Boston to become a mob boss/FBI informant and was ultimately brought down by a media-hungry girlfriend.

It should be fairly familiar material for the pair that they do well and will allow them to trot out some more ludicrously over-the-top Boston accents, which is always at least somewhat appealing. There are apparently two other Whitey Bulger biopics in the Hollywood pipeline, but with these two smiling stars attached, I don’t think it will be difficult to guess which one goes into production first (hint: it’s the one I've been writing about).

Aaron Sorkin in Talks to Write the Steve Jobs Movie

Steve Jobs hasn’t been gone for long, but Hollywood is already more than happy to spin his life into an Oscar-baiting cash cow. Sony has already acquired the rights to Jobs’ story and today the company has put the wheels in motion to get the man responsible for their Social Network screenplay to handle writing duties.


Aaron Sorkin is currently in discussions (ie figuring out how much money he’ll make) and could be an inspired choice. Obviously the guy has a knack for writing these sorts of larger than life powerful figures, but more than that, the West Wing scribe was even friends with the Apple icon. Sorkin was apparently courted by Jobs to write a Pixar movie back when he was running that company, but the screenwriter declined because he wasn’t comfortable writing for inanimate objects (hmm…I wonder which movie he’s referring to?).

The only potential deal breaker is that Sony is going to want to crank this movie out quickly and Sorkin will be rather busy for the next few months inevitably working his way through the awards circuit for Moneyball and also working on his new HBO series about a cable news network. Fingers crossed this works out though, because Jobs deserves a strong movie dedicated to his memory and Sorkin is the right man for the job.

Netflix Is Falling Apart, Goddamn It!

Remember how irritated you were when Netflix raised their prices? Well, you weren’t alone. Over the last few months Netflix has lost around 810,000 subscribers amidst all the price hikes, Qwikster company spits, and endless loading times. The stocks have plummeted and while the company is trying to spin this all into good news, things aren’t looking great for the streaming empire.


Given that the service and others like it are killing the DVD/Blu-ray industry that I love so dearly, I don’t think it would be a tragedy if this sucker went down. Though the service is nice and all, films and TV shows should be bootlegged online and purchase in stores. That’s the way it’s always worked over the last ten years and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit here and let that change. The company does have plans to expand to Europe however, so soon a whole new audience will get to wait endlessly for a film to load and this time their movies will be subtitled.

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