The Movie Spew: The Star Wars Blu-rays Make $84 Million In a Week

Plus Ghostbusters is coming back to theaters and a trailer for the latest terrible Nicolas Cage movie

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Star Wars Blu-rays Break Sales Records

So it turns out that all that controversy about George Lucas once again altering his beloved Star Wars movies and ruining childhood memories amounted to a whole lotta nothing. Lucas is currently reading all of the damning articles about his endless Star Wars tampering published over the last few weeks and laughing hysterically while he drinks liquid gold out of a diamond chalice and wipes his mouth with crisp $100 dollar bills.

You see, those Star Wars Blu-rays everyone was whining about are already the best-selling catalogue Blu-ray release of all time. In just one week the set has already shipped one million units and made $84 million worldwide.

For those wondering, the record for highest grossing Blu-ray thus far is Avatar, which sold over ten million units and brought in $183 million last year. Expect those numbers to be thoroughly dwarfed by the inevitable Star Wars Blu-ray Christmas rush.

So after all of that moaning and complaining, it turns out Star Wars fans grudgingly forked over their hard earned cash for a further altered version of their favorite trilogy, along with high definition editions of the prequels that will probably be used as high priced Frisbees by most fans.

I’d chastise you all for buying something that you were so against a few short weeks ago, but sadly I ignored my instincts and bought the set myself. I still cringe when Vader screams “Nooo” in Return of The Jedi and wish that the movies I grew up loving were still available in an unaltered form, but let’s face facts: that ain’t ever going to happen while the flannel shirted wonder is still alive.

On the plus side, the Star Wars trilogy does look astounding on Blu-ray and all of the deleted scenes and vintage documentaries filled me with nostalgic glee. I’m still pissed off at Lucas for being unwilling to let audiences experience his classic movies in their original form, but the man did oversee one hell of a Blu-ray set. I’m going to grudgingly wish him congratulations, but that’s as far as I’ll go. You done good, George, but damn it, you could have and should have done better.

Ghostbusters Will Return to Theaters in October

Last weekend the 3D-ified version of The Lion King was the top grossing movie at the box office at now it appears that other studios want to get in on the action of re-releasing old movies in the theater and bringing in big profits. Next up on the list, a little movie that we all love called Ghostbusters. The 1984 classic will be getting a limited theatrical release by Sony in October.


Unwilling to give it the full theatrical treatment like Disney gave The Lion King, Sony will instead book it into theaters nationwide on three consecutive Thursday nights starting on October 13. Having seen a Ghostbusters re-release on the big screen not that long ago, I urge you all to check it out.

It’s amazing how well those special effects sequences hold up and the film is a truly great theatrical experience. The action suits the grand scale well and Bill Murray’s brilliant delivery of Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis’ incredible script still brings the house down.

It’s wonderful that studios are embracing digital technology to bring classic movies back into theaters where they belong and I hope it continues. The only downside of the Ghostbusters re-release is that I’d imagine Sony also wants to put it out there as a means of testing the waters for that Ghostbusters 3 project they keep threatening to produce.

At this point it appears that Bill Murray (probably wisely) wants nothing to do with the proposed sequel, so Sony is probably trying to decide whether or not to move forward without him.

Approach this Ghostbusters re-release with caution, people! As great as it is to experience that film as it was originally intended, you don’t want to encourage the studio to make a crappy third Ghostbusters movie that will soil the franchise forever. As an old knight in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade once said, “Choose wisely.”

The Nicolas Cage Crap Movie Streak Continues

Poor, poor Nicolas Cage. Ever since the guy had all those financial issues he’s clearly been trying to make as many crap movies as possible to pay off his debts/endless series of homes around the world. While I’m looking forward to Ghost Rider 2 simply because it’s by the Crank directors, everything he’s made recently easily ranks amongst his worst movies and for Cage, that’s really saying something.


Today the trailer for his latest dumb action movie Justice dropped. The film has been delayed many times and after seeing Cage’s ridiculous goatee and his dramatic “acting” surrounding his wife’s death, it’s easy to see why. It’s worth watching purely to laugh at, but for the love of god never actually consider buying a ticket to this movie. We can’t keep encouraging Cage to make crap like this. He’ll never learn if we keep supporting him.

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