Uh Oh, the Nazis are Coming Back -- And They Have Flying Saucers!

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Janos Honkonen

They've mapped out their takeover!

For some time now, I've been fascinated by the efforts of a bunch of European filmmakers who have been creating a movie with a grand premise - Nazi scientists who build UFOs at a secret base in Antarctica escaped as World War II was ending and went to the dark side of the moon.

Oh, one more thing... the Nazis are coming back with superior technology and they're going to wipe out the "subhumans." Take a look at their latest trailer, entitled "We Come In Peace."

Heh heh. Sure they will.
The movie's called Iron Sky and it premieres April 4, 2012. (You'd think they would've picked Hitler's birthday, April 20th, but that might have been a little... well, over the top...)

Their CGI is excellent and they've kept subscribers to the website continuously apprised. The latest little teaser is not a YouTube video, however, but a comic book entitled "Bad Moon Rising." Oh brother, is it ever! 

Did the Nazis really have UFOs? Well, there's a whole site about it, you decide. Here's a quote from that site:

"The German saucers' are often known also as the 'V-7 legend': this comes from a reportedly circular aircraft named 'V-7' and claimed to have flown in Prague on February 14, 1945.

"These crafts were believed the same 'flying saucers' (later named UFOs) sighted by many people all around the world since 1947. According to the many would-be 'inventors' and enthusiasts of this theory, UFOs would not be of extraterrestrial origin but man-made. They were the ultimate result of the evil Nazi technology."

Here's a frame from the comic. Janos Honkonen does an excellent job of promoting this bootstrap production and in making the YouTube videos.

BadMoonRisingNaziComicPage.jpgI don't know about the UFOs, but I do know that the goosesteppers were excellent with the technology - which is why the USA had such an excellent space program initially, thanks to the genius of Wernher von Braun and some of his friends, imported to work for their former enemies.

Yes, the same fellow who engineered the deadly V-2 rockets that bedeviled England helped us get the Apollo astronauts to the moon, ladies and subhumans.

Gee, wonder why they didn't have us check out the dark side of the moon? Hmm...

In the 1980s, I helped with the production of a documentary on Nazi jets and met their top three aces from World War II: Adolf Galland, Gunther Rall, and Johannes Steinhoff (who, oddly enough, served as Chairman of the NATO Military Committee from 1971-1974 and created a controversy by shaking Ronald Reagan's hand during the President's visit to Kolmeshöhe Cemetery near Bitburg, in 1985 during a celebration of the 40th anniversary of V-E Day).

I still laugh thinking about how thrilled "Mackie" Steinhoff was, having scored a big bottle of American whiskey as he left the hotel in Long Beach. "You can't get this in Germany!" he chortled to me. Those hilarious Nazis... oh boy.

I'll let you find the Nazi UFOs videos on YouTube yourself because most of them are posted by "WhitePowerTV8" - eek. The "Iron Sky" videos, I must add, are absolutely not connected with the WhitePower whoevers.

Iron Sky
seems like a fascinating movie, and they're financing it with donations and contributions and it looks amazing.

I just hope it's not a documentary!

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