Sony's Uncharted 3 Utilizing Online Pass, Future Titles Too

Sony's latest online pass not likely to be their last.

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Sony has begun the slow process of transferring all of their major first-party titles into online pass editions. The sure to be multi-million selling Uncharted 3, Sony's "Buy our system!" seller of the holidays 201, will be infused with a $10 online pass.

Why? According to EspaƱa Software Manager Juan Jimenez, it's because of piracy. The real reason? Used games, but Jimenez can say what he wants for PR purposes.

Alien-infested shooter Resistance 3 would mark Sony's first foray into an online pass, although the Spanish-language interview over at The Vault would insinuate that all future Sony titles would use the same $10 system.

Online passes prevent used/rental users from playing online unless they spend $10 to access said features. In theory, this also soaks pirates of a few dollars as well, although Sony's seemingly infinite stream of hardware updates are in place to prevent such illegal intrusions. Taking Blu-ray as a format of choice certainly hinders pirates as well.

Passes prevent multi-gamer families from using online features together, tend to succumb to glitches (or printing quirks) even for new game purchasers, lock out single player content from offline players, and generally serve as a nuisance. How does this reflect positively on the industry?

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