Activision Opens the Traps Ahead of its Next Skylanders Game

Skylanders Trap Team will introduce new characters and a new concept.

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Images are courtesy of Activision.

Video game publisher Activision has released details of the next title in its popular Skylanders franchise: Skylanders Trap Team.

Coming to stores on October 5, this new chapter in the franchise that already includes Skylanders Spyro's Adventure, Skylanders Giants and Skylanders SWAP Force will introduce a twist on the concept of combing physical toys and video gaming.

Skylanders Trap Team_Wildfire 2_380.jpg

In the existing games players can play as different Skylanders by purchasing toy figures that represent these heroic characters. They can then fight with any Skylander that they own by standing their chosen figure on a so-called Portal of Power. This causes the character to materialize in the virtual game world.

Skylanders Trap Team_Chopper 2_380.jpg

It will still be possible to do this in Skylanders Trap Team using any of the more than 50 new Skylanders the game will introduce or characters from earlier games in the franchise. To change things up, however, players will also be able to capture villains and take them out of the game using Traptanium Traps. Players can then reintroduce their prisoners as help for the Skylanders in another battle against the evil Kaos.

Skylanders Trap Team_Environment_Chompy Mountain_380.jpg

As usual, Skylanders Trap Team will come in a Starter Pack that includes the Portal and new characters. Versions of the game will be available for the Nintendo Wii, Wii U and 3DS, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One and PlayStations 3 and 4.

The official screenshots from Skylanders Trap Team that accompany this article are courtesy of Activision.

Skylanders Trap Team_Environment_Phoenix Perch_380.jpg
Skylanders Trap Team_Food Fight 1_380.jpg
Skylanders Trap Team_Food Fight 2_380.jpg
Skylanders Trap Team_Snap Shot 2_380.jpg
Skylanders Trap Team_Snap Shot_380.jpg
Skylanders Trap Team_Villain_Chompy Mage_380.jpg
Skylanders Trap Team_Villain_Shred Naught_380.jpg
Skylanders Trap Team_Wallop_380.jpg

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