Zootopia and Marvel Toys Destined for Disney Infinity this Spring

Marvel Battlegrounds will be Disney Infinity's first foray into brawlers.

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Disney Interactive has released a comprehensive video preview of some of its upcoming Disney Infinity releases for 2016.

The first video in a series titled Disney Infinity Next, which runs at just under 13 minutes, features clips of new figures for the toys-to-life video game representing characters from Zootopia, Marvel and The Jungle Book.

The Zootopia characters, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, were released on March 1 along with four new power discs. They are playable in Disney Infinity's Toy Box mode.

Toy-Box_Zootopia (Custom).jpgAlso coming this spring will be a Baloo figure based on the beloved bear in Disney's animated version of The Jungle Book. It will be available around the April 15 release date of the studio's live-action remake.

MBG_Capt1 (Custom).jpgBetween these dates, Disney Interactive will also be releasing the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set. This will be compatible with Marvel characters released with Disney Infinity 2.0 and 3.0, including Thor, Spider-Man, Hulkbuster Iron Man and Ultron. The range of existing toys will be supplemented by the addition of Captain America - The First Avenger, Black Panther, The Vision, and Ant-Man.

The new Play Set includes brawler-style gameplay that will allow players to pit superheroes against each other. This approach is intended to reflect the theme of the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War.

MBG_Hulkbuster_CaptA (Custom).jpgDisney Infinity Next - Spring 2016 also reveals that Disney Interactive plans to release new Pixar and Star Wars toys later this year.

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