GameStop Snagging Free PC Game Codes from Deux Ex

GameStop opening games, taking coupon code, and selling as new

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"Square Enix packed the competitor's coupon with our [Deux Ex: Human Revolution] product without our prior knowledge and we did pull and discard these coupons."

That sums it up, those words from GameStop PR rep Beth Sharum on the reaction to the company effectively stealing from both publisher Square Enix and OnLive.

Released Tuesday, physical copies of the latest Deux Ex RPG/shooter for PC come with a code to play a version of the game via OnLive, the kinda/sorta equivalent to Netflix for gaming. GameStop however finds that they're selling a product that is competitive, and is opening said games to remove the promo codes.

Surely those codes won't end up eBay as employees go about their daily business after their shift...
GameStop is doing two thing here, three if you consider the public relations disaster this could potentially turn out to be. The first is taking these codes from customers, a promotion centered around selling a few additional copies while pushing digital distribution. It should be noted the PlayStation 3 release of Portal 2 also contained a code for the PC version via download service Steam. GameStop took no action.

Secondly, they're rendering the games "used." Once the shrinkwrap is off the product, GameStop will only offer store credit as a trade-in if you're a customer, yet here they're not only removing the wrap, but taking part of the product. Surely GameStop will be willing to take a profit hit and sell these at a discounted rate, right?

No, they're not, and short of the blow-up that seems impending from a media standpoint, it looks like GameStop has no plans to budge either.

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