Girls Girls Girls: Courtney Love, Cherri Bomb and The Runaways

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Sleek Courtney Performs at Fashion Week

We suspected that Courtney Love would slip into something black, expensive and slinky at show during Fashion Week; we just didn’t think it would be on a small stage with a makeshift band.

Ever the trouper and celebrity magnet, the feral blonde filled in at the last moment for an ailing Vince Neil who had to cancel at the last minute to perform at One Model Management’s tenth birthday bash at New York’s Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel, prompting nightclub impresario Nur Khan to refer to the Motley Crue singer as a “p----‘80s rocker.”

Love was anything but, an emissary from the future in her geometric silver and black get up. According to witnesses she seemed in good form, thin, with it, at the peak of her powers, something she attributes to her work with life coach Tony Robbins.

She told the New York Post, “I did this Tony Robbins course in Australia and I added -- slowly -- two yoga classes and running. My determination was to add something physical. I want to get back to Pilates.” She didn’t undergo the rather intensive course on a whim; she has been pals with the high-profile self-help guru since the '90s when she met him at a daylong mediation retreat.

As for her band, it included One Model Management founder, Scott Lipp, on drums. He didn’t just walk into the role. Love made him audition for it, and apparently he showed that he was more of a renaissance man than anyone suspected. But a show with Courtney Love is never without drama. She dedicated “Skinny Bitch” to her estranged daughter, Francis Bean Cobain, 19, who she called "my f------ only child."

Referencing a recent photo shoot in where the winsome Cobain heiress was sporting a tattoo of writer Quentin Crisp, Love inexplicitly said, "I'm so glad she didn't get that nose job."

Bombing the Cherris

On a related note, Hole’s former drummer, the Amazonian glamorous Samantha Maloney has hung up her sticks and now is managing Cherri Bomb, an LA girl band who swear they didn’t name themselves after the Runaways song. Once you hear them, you know they’re telling the truth, but there is something equally provocative and fierce about Cherri Bomb and the girl band progenitors.

Laurie Hoyt-McAllister

Finally, speaking of the Runaways, Laurie Hoyt-McAllister, the last bassist for The Runaways and bassist for The Orchids, passed away on August 25th, 2011. Our greatest sympathy goes out to Laurie’s family and loved ones during this difficult time.


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