Mary Fahl Finally Delivers Brilliant From The Dark Side Of The Moon Album

The singer is expected to release new originals album, Gravity, later this year

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I'm going to take you back a few years, then warp you back to the here and now, but only after I've introduced to you a world class voice and the albums in which she has participated.

Mary Fahl started her professional career with a two-album stand with a criminally underrated NYC folk/rock band named October Project. October Project released their only two albums with Fahl (October Project - 1993, Falling Farther In - 1995), while they were signed to Epic Records.

The band, still in existence with the original members, Emil Adler, and the angelic voices of lyricist, Julie Flanders, and vocalist, Marina Belica, provided a wonderful training stage for Mary Fahl. But people move on. Mary recorded an EP of songs (Lenses of Contact - 2001), before releasing her first full-length album for Sony's newly formed Odyssey label.

The Other Side of Time was released in 2003. The album of 14 songs was a stand-out, a powerful blend of music that carried itself tall. Favorably reviewed, Mary Fahl's new album left many breathless. Fans of the album were entranced by the powerful, operatically rich and deep vocal quality, “a dusky contralto” with which Mary Fahl captured her listeners. Three of the songs were drawn from the earlier Lenses of Contact EP. The album also yielded several songs that were soon featured in films, the beautiful “I'm Going Home” (Gods and Generals 2003), and “The Dawning Of The Day” (The Guys 2002). The remaining nine songs contributed to create one of 2003's great releases.


The Other Side of Time gained the singer an impressive batch of fans that anticipated her next release. The years passed until word came that Mary Fahl had created a unique interpretation of the classic Pink Floyd album, The Dark Side Of The Moon in its entirety. In 2006, V2 Records signed Fahl with the intent to issue that album, respectfully entitled From The Dark Side Of The Moon, thus ensuring fans that not only was a new Mary Fahl album near release, but that the album would be a challenging one that might usher in a new superstar.

Unfortunately, V2 abruptly exited the business, leaving the album to stagnate unreleased before the rights reverted back to Fahl herself. Finally, on May 16 of 2011, Mary Fahl self-released From The Dark Side Of The Moon, a worthy re-interpretation that was not to be missed.

More importantly, not only did Fahl fans finally get the chance to hear her unique covers of The Dark Side of the Moon, we've learned that she has been working on a new album, tentatively called Gravity. Gravity is expected to be a ten-track original that will, no doubt, elevate her further as a singer-songwriter of note. With her ability to tell a story through song, and the classic voice with which to sing the tale, Mary Fahl leaves a long-lasting impression on her listeners.

Mary Fahl has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, even Enya. But I can tell you this, Mary Fahl is a unique voice and songwriter who deservedly should be spoken of in the same sentences as those legends. She is that good.

You can get more information from her website.  If you are one of the lucky to have Spotify, you can access several Fahl albums there including From The Dark Side Of The Moon.

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