Girl Power: Q & A with Lost Girl's Anna Silk and Ksenia Solo

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(L-R) Ksenia Solo (as Kenzi), Anna Silk (as Bo) and Rick Howland (as Trick) in Lost Girl

It was just another night tending bar for Lost Girl’s Bo, or so she thought. She never expected to be saving a young woman named Kenzi from the unwanted advances of a sleazy patron. Unfortunately for Bo, she used some rather unconventional methods when intervening.

Bo, a succubus, drained the life from the man, and took Kenzi back to her place to look after her. Like so many recent times in her life, this forced Bo to go on the run, only now Kenzi was tagging along with her.

A member of a supernatural race of beings known collectively as the Fae, Bo is obliged to pick a side, the Light (or Good) Fae or the Dark (not-so-virtuous) Fae. Instead, though, she chooses to remain neutral and use her powers to protect others from harm. Her succubus hunger does not make that easy, and Bo has a destiny that she is not yet privy to.

In the Canadian-made supernatural drama’s first season (currently airing Monday nights at 10:00 p.m. EST/PST on Syfy in the States), she and Kenzi face a number of life and death adventures together. Fans around the world can look forward to seeing much more of our dynamic duo in season two and three, the latter of which begins filming in the spring.

To mark the U.S. premiere of Lost Girl, Anna Silk (Bo) and Ksenia Solo (Kenzi) took a break last week while shooting the Season Two finale to speak on the phone with me as well as other reporters about their work on the program. The following is an edited version of our Q & A. Enjoy!

Can you both tell us if you either have a favorite moment or a favorite scene so far from Lost Girl, or maybe just your favorite part in general about working on the show?

Anna Silk: I think the favorite part for me about working on the show is just the incredible cast and crew that I get to work with. That’s kind of a general answer, but that’s the truth. I mean, we have such a dedicated group of people that love the show and love taking on an active role in making it better all the time.

So it’s a really great thing to get to go to work every day. I’ve never woken up and thought, “Oh, I don’t want to go to work.” I’ve woken up and thought I wanted to sleep another hour [she jokes], but I’ve never woken up and thought, “I don’t want to go.” That’s really so rewarding.

Ksenia Solo: I think for me, a huge kind of fun aspect of this is that Anna and I get to kick some serious butt. We have so much girl power on this show, that it makes me just proud as a woman to be a part of something like that. You really don’t see that too often on TV, in films, or really anywhere. So that’s definitely very exciting.

Obviously a lot of stuff has happened on the show that we in the U.S. haven’t seen yet. But I was just curious, is there something that both of you would like to see happen to your characters that hasn’t yet? Maybe a story line or just something you'd like to know about them?

KS: Although it’s fun playing a human, it would definitely be cool if maybe Kenzi got some kind of power. I’m a little jealous that everyone gets to “wolf out,” be a succubus, and do other fun stuff sometimes. So I don’t know if that would ever happen with my character, but it would definitely be something cool to see.

AS: And for my character, for Bo, I’d love to see her start to have her power fully realized. I think she’s always known that she plays a key role in the Fae world and that she’s got a lot of power, but particularly in the first season, she’s really discovering what that power is, and it’s sort of misplaced and misguided power.

We’re going into season three here in Canada, which we’ll start shooting in the spring, and I just think that over the course of the series, her power has become more and more realized, and I would love to see it go even further in Season Three. I’d love to see Bo really come to understand just how powerful she is.

Can you both talk a little bit about the relationship between your two characters, and how you’ve seen that relationship grow and develop in the episodes you've shot so far?

AS: Well, the relationship is very new to American viewers obviously, but even in the first two episodes that you guys have already seen, Bo has spent a great deal of her life on the run and afraid of her power. When she meets Kenzi, it’s the first time she’s sort of met someone who is human and who has seen what she can do, but who doesn’t run away.

Kenzi more or less says, “Okay, I’ve seen what you can do, that’s fine, whatever, just tell me more about it.” There’s a great scene I love in the first episode, and it was our first day of shooting, actually, where our two characters are sitting in a diner and Kenzi asks Bo questions about herself. My character sort of reveals a little bit of information but not too much, and I just think that really set the tone for where their relationship was going to go. It was like sort of an instant sisterhood.

I don’t want to give away too much in terms of seasons one or two, but as things progress, that sisterhood grows stronger and there’s definitely a family bond between them. They would do anything for each other, which is really nice.

As Ksenia said on a previous call, it’s nice to see two women on TV who really support one another and really love and care about each other. So there are lots of places that it does go, but it’s very fun, particularly in the first season.

KS: For myself, I feel like everyone in this world can only dream of having a relationship like this where they would literally die for each other without giving it a second thought. Bo and Kenzi are there for each other no matter what evil is standing right in front of them. Like Anna said, they really would do anything for each other.

It’s such a beautiful, refreshing relationship and it continues to grow. Anna and I are very lucky that we hit it off from the very first moment. It would really be hard to play this relationship on TV if we didn’t truly care about each other and get along as well as we do.

So in terms of that, with someone that you have to spend so many hours a day, it’s basically like Anna and I are married because we’re just together all the time. Again, we’re lucky that that chemistry comes through, and we have it in life as well as on the screen. It really makes the Bo and Kenzi relationship shine much brighter, I think.

Ksenia, could you talk a little about the audition process for your role and what that was like for you?

KS: Well I was in Los Angeles and I had sent a few tapes over [to casting] because I got a few different notes about the role. They didn’t really know which direction we were going to go. It was a little funnier, a little sexier, a little more serious, a little of this, a little of that.

I went through I don’t know how many looks in my audition tapes. I had blonde hair, I had black hair. I had red hair. I had just every possible look that you could think of. So it was more or less your average audition process until I was flown to Toronto when Anna and I had our screen test together. And the rest as they say is history.

Are audiences going to see more of the back story of Bo and Kenzi before they met up in the series opener? Are we ever going to see like flashbacks to what they were doing when they were on their own?

AS: As Bo and Kenzi get to know each other, a lot of that stuff comes out thorough just their dialog and what they know about each other. As the series progresses, particularly into Season Two, we definitely see a little bit more about each character’s history.

There might be one or two flashbacks, but it definitely comes out more through events that happen on the show and the way that our characters behave because of their history. They learn more about each other, which I think is really cool, and there’s a lot that they still don’t know about one another. Bo and Kenzi had their own lives before they met each other, and those lives were each sort of slightly jaded and a little dangerous. So there’s a lot of that that comes out over the course of the series.

Does Kenzi get to go off on her own adventures and maybe have her own sub-plots or even a romantic relationship? Is there the promise of that in the future?

KS: Oh, baby, does she ever. We definitely delve into Kenzi and where she comes from and even some of her family members. There’s a little bit of that in Season One and even more in Season Two. A love interest also comes along and sweeps her off her feet. That’s pretty much all I can say without giving too much away.

It’s only been two weeks since the show premiered in the States, but how have things changed for both of you professionally, or personally? Even from a social media standpoint, have you noticed any kind of effect since reaching out to this US audience?

AS: I have a Twitter account as well as a Facebook page and all that stuff, and they’ve definitely gotten a lot more activity since we premiered in the US. I know everyone in the cast and on the crew was excited to have the show introduced to a whole new audience, and a really big audience as well.

That’s why we are really pleased to be on Syfy, because we know that the audience tends to be incredibly responsive, and they have been very responsive. They’ve really embraced the show so far. I know it’s only been two episodes, but I’m excited because I know what’s in store for viewers. So it’s definitely a really nice feeling.

KS: And I think in a way it [the U.S. response] hasn’t even sunk in yet because we're literally just wrapping [filming on season two]. We’ve been on set nonstop, so as soon as we get a little chance to kind of breathe and take it all in, I think that’s when we’ll really see the effects of the Syfy premiere.

How do you feel about comparisons being made between Lost Girl and shows like True Blood and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

KS: I think it’s a huge compliment. Those are really great shows. Buffy was around for such a long time and had such a cult following. Again, I think it’s just a really great compliment that our fans are as dedicated to us and that this cult following is growing. The more episodes we do and the more our characters grow and develop, the fans will just grow along with us. So I only think it’s a good thing when you get comparisons like that.

AS: Yes, definitely. I mean, Buffy’s probably the biggest comparison we get, which is a huge compliment, and what’s great is that Lost Girl has such a unique voice, and yet we’re still getting comparisons that people are gravitating towards. So I think it’s cool as well as flattering that there’s this sort of similarity, but also that we’re unique enough that people are drawn to a whole new concept.

One of the more interesting relationships that Bo and even Kenzi have is with Rick Howland’s character of Trick. And I’m just wondering if you could talk a little bit about that and how that’s going to evolve throughout the series?

AS: Bo meets Trick pretty early on in the show. I can’t remember if it’s exactly the same time as Kenzi or not, but Trick certainly plays a key role in our show. Rick Howland is fantastic in the part, and I think it’s pretty evident that Trick and Bo have a special bond. We really see that start of that in Episode Two, which just aired in the US. I can’t give away anything about it, but it’s definitely a unique bond that continues to grow between, Bo and Trick.

KS: I think for Kenzi as well, Trick really is a father figure. I feel like as much he is to Bo, he is to Kenzi, too. Trick is wise beyond his years and kinder than anybody that Bo or Kenzi has ever met. They come from such different lives, but their lives were both dangerous and scary. They’re kind of these women who are alone in the world, and Trick is really that father figure that neither of them has ever had.

And like Anna said, Rick Howland is just a phenomenal actor, and we’re lucky to have him as Trick. I really can’t imagine anybody else in the world playing that role.

AS: Rick is such a protector and a care giver to both of us on-set. too. He’s just a really nice person.

Ksenia, how much of your own personality do you bring into the role of Kenzi, and do you have any input into some of the great comedic lines that your character gets to say?

KS: We have this amazing woman, Michelle Lovretta, who created these characters, and the Kenzi role is the first thing that really attracted me to this project. Our writers are fantastic, and we collaborate and talk about everything. As actors we definitely have a say in our characters and who we are and what happens.

I’m not a brilliant writer. I wish I was. So I can’t take credit for these incredibly funny lines, but, again, I am involved and the writers listen, which I think is incredibly important.

I have a lot of fun with Kenzi. I look up to her, respect her, and I learn from her all the time because she’s braver than anybody I’ve ever played. Her sense of humor is out of this world. I wish I was as cool as her sometimes. So I get to come to work and really play. It’s not that often that you get to do that and kind of go as outside-the-box as you want, so it’s a joy for me.

How would you say that you're the most similar to your respective characters?

AS: Well, I definitely was drawn to Bo because I think that her greatest strength and power really comes from her vulnerability. That’s what I identify with, that feeling of having to stand up and fight for what you believe in, or do things that might scare you. Even though you're scared, you do them, and that’s something I identify with. I’m scared a lot of times, but I move forward, and that’s something I saw in Bo and I definitely learned from her. She really does have to sort of push forward and fight for what she believes in.

KS: I would say Kenzi and I are complete opposites, but as the universal law states, opposites attract, so I think that’s why it works so well. And like Anna learns from Bo, I learn from Kenzi all the time. Her bravery and strength are things I really look up to and I always wish that I could be as brave as her. One thing that Kenzi and I both agree on, though, is fashion. I’m a huge, huge, huge fashionista and love fashion and so does Kenzi. That’s definitely where we bond.

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