Jersey Shore Preview: Drama Tonight (The Real Kind)

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The Roomies

I admit it, I've been a fan of Jersey Shore since day one.

I cannot relate to these people in the least, save for the fact that I've been seeing previous incarnations of these kids since I was old enough to walk on the boardwalk.

I was born and bred in New Jersey, but beyond that the connection ends there. Yet, I'm strangely addicted for the sheer fact that the show does what most shows eventually fail at: they continuously bombard with shock and awe.

Each week after watching an episode, the same thoughts come to mind: Can this actually be for real? Do people truly live like this? Can it be that they actually have absolutely no shame?  The answers are all "Yes."

And for the millions that are closeted fans like me, this is exactly why we love it, because we don't get it, and we can't quite believe it.

The word "drama" has been thrown out there amongst the roomies since the first episode, and we've come to know that the word can actually mean a bunch of different things in the shorehouse: bad blood between two guys. A girlfriend problem. A problem between two friends. An issue one may have with a stranger. The list goes on, but tonight, I'm happy to say that they've turned a corner and we'll be treated to another kind of drama... the heartfelt kind.

the-situation-and-snooki-jersey-shore.jpgIt's difficult to believe anything The Situation says these days, but we'll see him digging deep into his soul and doing the best any Sitch can to declare his undying love for Snooki, Jersey guido style.

Of course it's drama, she has a boyfriend, Sitch has betrayed her by revealing a secret of a past hookup that we don't yet know is true (oooh- more drama). But, tonight we see a different side of these two roomies. Could it actually be genuine emotion revealed on a mature level?

Like I said, the show continues to shock, and seeing something that might actually be normal and relatable would be... shocking.

Tuned in tonight...

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