Amy Winehouse Dead At 27

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The first hint that something was wrong came from Twitter, and I searched diligently for news, but found nothing. Now there are widespread reports from across the Internet that troubled soul singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her apartment in London.

Story developing...updates to come.

Update:  Our very own Jaan Uhelski, a music legend in her own right, has posted more on the tragic death of British based R&B artist Amy Winehouse and her death at age 27. Amy, best known for her breakout hit, "Rehab," was ironically no stranger to rehab or the world of substance abuse.  Even at her tender age of 27, she'd spent multiple times in clinics for issues related to drug addiction, and was forced to cancel her brief European summer tour after a disastrous start in Belgrade, Serbia in June. 

While the cause of death hasn't been released yet, it's safe to speculate that her health was adversely affected by years of abuse.  Certainly her death can't be shocking to those who've followed the trajectory of her career, but the loss is painful nonetheless.  She was a talented singer and artist who just couldn't seem to escape the demons which deeply afflicted her.  RIP Amy.

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